Title : Just to Be With You The Instructor
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 51 pages
Publisher : J.A. Cooper

Leigh Baker's finally gotten rid of her mooching long term boyfriend But one is turning out to be a lonely numberA new hobby her good friends a sexy manthat's what Leigh needs When Leigh meets Carter Malone the attraction's immediate But as uickly as the romance heats up it cools off The thing is Leigh can't figure out whyWhen Carter pops back into Leigh's life it turns out he's the new English professor According to Carter getting involved with her would bring risks he doesn't need But something keeps drawing them togetherAnd when love comes knocking twice sometimes all you can do is open the doorGenre New Adult RomanceThe second book in the JUST TO BE WITH YOU series THE LOVELYThe third and final book in the JUST TO BE WITH YOU series THE EXCEPTION