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FREE READ Love Her Wild · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cus captures what is both raw and relatable about the smallest and the grandest moments in life the first glimpse of a new love in Paris; skinny dipping on a summer’s night; the irrepressible exuberance of the female spirit; or drinking whiskey in the desert watching the. I was surprised that I didn t enjoy this book I am an avid poetry fan both of classical poetry and of modern poets who tweak the genre The reviews on this book were so overwhelmingly positive I felt confident purchasing it Perhaps I should have done research and found the author s Instagram before purchasing and you would do well to do so it is very illustrative of the type of writing you will find in this compilation Personally I will say that I don t think the author s ideas are new and I don t think he is exploring them with language that is particularly revolutionary To me a poet must do one of these two and preferably the latter Poetry is about language You can t just add line breaks to any thought that pops out of your head and call it a poem I didn t feel that anything about his language was purposeful or complex and therefore his poetry fell uite flat Here are a couple examples of the words in this book These were some of the first I flipped randomly to I didn t scour to find the worst of the worst rather these are representative of the writing you will find in the wholeI LIVEMY LIFESOHAPPILYINCRAZYWITHHERI feellike girlswho drinkwhiskeytellgoodstoriesEtc Ad nauseum Further even the uotes contained within the positive reviews make me cringe I agree with another reviewer that while sometimes poetry is criticized for being too obscure this book swings entirely to the other end of the pendulum However if there is something that speaks to you about these pithy aphorisms by all means purchase and enjoy this book Or instead buy any anthology of short poems which contains a multiple authors I promise they will contain many complex ideas and wonderfully complicated language than this book I normally do not leave harsh reviews however the reviews on this book being so overwhelmingly positive was part of the reason I purchased this book and I wanted to provide a different perspective I am concerned that part of the reason the reviews are as overwhelmingly positive as they are is because the author or his fans retaliate against negative reviews

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FREE READ Love Her Wild · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rising sun With honesty poignancy and romantic flair Atticus distills the most exhilarating highs and the heartbreaking lows of life and love into a few perfectly evocative lines ensuring that his words will become etched in your mind and will awaken your sense of adventu. With all of the creepers and perverts being featured on the news these days it was breathtaking and awe inspiring to find this new collection of poetry by a man named Atticus published just this year I don t know who or what Atticus is or if his mother was Hera Athena or Aphrodite or what but clearly she was a goddess who did an incredible job of raising a righteous and creative young man Atticus s poetry is a celebration of the feminine EVERYTHING a nod to the captivating allure of women and the PRIVILEGE it can be to find yourself in the presence of such beautyAnd it was wonderful for me a woman to be reminded that the world is also full of beautiful men who love and cherish women for the playful complicated and stunning creatures they are Men who would never harm a woman or take anything from her by force Men who help women put on their coats brush the errant hairs from their eyes and are attentive to their protection and well being even in their sleepThis is gorgeous lush uotable poetry and in case my review hasn t communicated it yet incredibly and ridiculously romantic tooWow What a collection She was the most beautifulcomplicatedthingI d ever seen a tangled messof silky string and all I wanted of lifewas to sitdown cross leggedand untieher knots

FREE READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Atticus Poetry

FREE READ Love Her Wild · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The first collection of poetry by Instagram sensation Atticus Love Her Wild is a collection of new and beloved poems from Atticus the young writer who has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of avid followers on his Instagram accountIn Love Her Wild Atti. What the hell did I just read and who picked this rotten piece of tripe up and put it on the best seller wall How in the hell did this dude get a book contract I mean other than the slow downward spiral of modern book publishing always looking for a viral hitLove Her Wild is Instagram poetry which means it is short and insipid the short part being the only good thing about this book Admittedly Instagram poetry doesn t have to be bad I should be less caustic about the idea as a whole but Atticus verbiage is just a bunch of crappy Facebook memes wrapped up in an a beautiful package That just makes the book s existence offensive as better books deserve the production treatment that this one got There is nothing new in this volume It s all about love and life and being free things people have written about since time immemorial with much beautiful language and much deeper insights This is poetry that makes you feel good because it says nothing It s pablum It s the Doritos of the poetry world It s the stuff your relatives used to send in email forwards with midi files attached It s barely fucking poetry Buy a Hallmark card and you can get the same placid meaningless nonsense Poetry has developed a bad reputation for being indecipherable but Love Her Wild swings in the opposite direction Some of the shorter pieces have probably starred on fortune cookie papers If you are interested in poetry go into your local bookstore close your eyes pick literally ANYTHING off the shelf and you ll be rewarded with something better Find poetry that ignites something deeper than a sense of YOLO

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