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READ Decadent CHARACTERS Ë SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ Shayla Black Shayla Black ´ 1 SUMMARY Tipo de aventuras sexuais Determinada a provar ue √© uma mulher √† altura para Jesse Kimber recorre √† ajuda do guarda costas Deke Thornton um amigo de longa data e implora lhe ue a inicie no mundo do prazer Embora Deke a avise de ue est√° a brincar com o fogo aceita n√£o uerendo. I feel like Simon Cowell for writing this but this might be the worst book ever Why doesn t GR allow 0 stars This story is erotica so some of the priceless dialogue can t be uoted Please visit the Smart Bitches website for a NSFW and hilarious review


READ Decadent CHARACTERS Ë SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ Shayla Black Shayla Black ´ 1 SUMMARY Ue a beleza inocente da jovem seja manchada por outros √Č ent√£o ue Deke e o seu amigo Luc d√£o a conhecer a Kimber as del√≠cias do √™xtase O ue Kimber ainda n√£o sabe √© ue talvez n√£o seja Jesse o homem certo para realizar os seus sonhos afinal √© Deke uem invade as suas fantasi. This book is erotica so stop reading if that s not your thingThis is a m f m menage book and it s very hot I have no complaints about the sex scenes some very wow impressive The book is well written and I couldn t put it down Certain aspects did get on my nerves however For example why are the men in menage books so often related to one another brothers or cousins Is it to avoid any hint of homoeroticism And why is the lead hero so often an emotional baby whining about his tortured past that usually isn t all that bad Basic story military brat 23 year old virgin woman Kimber goes to 29 year old ex military friend Deke and his 35 year old chef cousin Luc to learn about menage intending to impress her old flame who happens to be a rock star now She falls for Deke instead and there s also a psycho out to kill her familyThis little bit might be a spoiler so be forewarnedI was also peaved that the author never tied up the bombing thread of the story and that the heroine had a false positive pregnancy test It s almost impossible to have a false positive false negatives are the common problem A false positive means an early miscarriage 99% of the timeI know the point of erotica is the sex but why can t the author put a tiny bit effort into it and make the story work too I ask for too much

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READ Decadent CHARACTERS Ë SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ Shayla Black Shayla Black ´ 1 SUMMARY Kimber Edgington √© uma virgem de vinte e tr√™s anos ue est√° apaixonada desde a adolesc√™ncia pela estrela de rock Jesse Mcall Kimber sabe ue est√£o destinados um para o outro e sonha com um casamento mas a fama e viagens de Jesse tornaram no uma celebridade conhecida por todo o. I read both Decadent and Wicked Ties IN ONE NIGHT I loved them both I liked this book just as much as the first I know not everyone feels that way but I do I loved Deke I have heard that his brooding behavior drove people nuts but not me This book has so much angst and drama that it sucked me in right from the start and didnt let go I liked Luc and I know that most of the people that have read this book preferred him to Deke however knowing that he gets his own book before I started reading this one kept me from liking him too much Kimber and Deke are perfect for each other so how could I not ache for them Loved it

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