Title : The High Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 368 pages
Publisher : Scott Nash
Language : English
ISBN : 9780763632649

Hoist the Jolly Robin Fly with a swashbuckling crew as they soar through the air — and evade danger on the ground — in search of treasure and lofty adventureCaptain Blue Jay notorious and feared pirate of the skies has a fondness for collecting treasure especially eggs Unfortunately sometimes his treasure hatches and this time the hatchling is the strangest one the Grosbeak has ever seen No sailor is certain whether the chick is a young god or just an oversized bird who needs too much food but one thing is clear the winds over Thrushland are shifting and dramatic changes are in store for all Whether outwitting a gang of thieving crows outrunning murderous fishers and weasels or rallying Briarloch’s beleaguered sparrows this motley crew must do all they can to stay together and stay alive And that’s just the tip of the bird’s feather Offering a bounty of illustrations and a host of memorable characters — from an endearing star nosed mole to an unlikely little warrior with a vendetta — here is a treasure for anyone who has ever wanted to take to the skies and see where fortune blows