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review Percy Jackson Fanfiction Dagostino 103 Rk blonde hair that gets darker in the winter and lighter in the summer He used to be thin but became athletic after joining Dark Circle He likes to play soccer and has a long scar across his right arm from being attacked by Chaos Alex was born somewhere in California but when he was twelve his mother and sister were thought to be murdered by Nyx He fled his abandoned home and moved around the country for the next two years of his life He met his best friend Alyssa Puckett while traveling on the beaches of Florida Eventually at age 14 they discovered the Dark Circle He learns that his father is Ouranos but also learns that his moth.

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review Percy Jackson Fanfiction Dagostino 103 This book consists of articles from Wikia Pages 57 Chapters What If Alex Oberon Alex Oberon's Challenges Anthony Cervantes Black Phoenix Center of Light Dark Circle Dead Dustin Magnus Evan D'Agostino Greek God High Jade Romano Jake Spade Jean Owens Panem Deos Temptation The Chaos Chronicles The Chiaroscuro The Clues of the Moon The Dago Files The Dimming Fire The Exeligmos The Lust for Power The Other Side of Power The Pharaoh Saga The Protogenoi Saga The Running Man The Vampires of the Night The What If Files The White Knights The Yggdrasill Saga Victoria Frazier Zachery Aurelius Annabeth Chase A Land Without Love Change of Plans.

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review Percy Jackson Fanfiction Dagostino 103 Early Feelings Lost In the Land Without Rain Peace Percy Jackson Solitude Tears of Time Temptation The Resistance The Rise of Fear The What If Files Excerpt Alexander Oberon is a son of Ouranos He was a former member of the Dark Circle but abandons them to find his family and the Center of Light Soon after the events of The Chiaroscuro he leaves the Center of Light due to the death of his family members Later on he is saved by the White Knights and joins their group Also sometimes during this he becomes part of The Exeligmos Alex is of average height and is tanned from hiking hours each day He has gray blue eyes and has luscious da.

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