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DOWNLOAD Platonic Theology Vol 1 Books I–IV 100 The Platonic Theology is a visionary work and the philosophical masterpiece of Marsilio Ficino 1433–1499 the Florentine scholar philosopher magus who was largely responsible for the Renaissance revival of PlatoA student of the N. One of the greatest philosophers the west has ever produced Despite the Renaissance leading towards cultural and scientific materialism he was one of the few exceptional philosophers who saw the necessity of not only refusing the transgression and rebillion against Aristotle like Bacon and Locke but arguing the necessity of both Plato and Aristotle Others philosophersmetaphysicians such as St Maximus The Confessor and Ibn Sina have also accomplished this task but if the west desires to wake up from enlightenment certainly not The Buddha s Enlightenment Ficino magnum opus is a window into such an awakening An essential philosopher in the true sense of the word

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DOWNLOAD Platonic Theology Vol 1 Books I–IV 100 G was eminently successful and widely influential and his Platonic Theology translated into English for the first time in this edition is one of the keys to understanding the art thought culture and spirituality of the Renaissance. Yikes

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DOWNLOAD Platonic Theology Vol 1 Books I–IV 100 Eoplatonic schools of Plotinus and Proclus he was committed to reconciling Platonism with Christianity in the hope that such a reconciliation would initiate a spiritual revival and return of the golden age His Platonic evangelizin. Read in an attempt to keep my Latin in serviceable order

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