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Princess Jellyfish Tome 1 Read & Download ò 109 E moved into the residence Amamizu which has the distinction of being inhabited only by otaku girls and of course be forbidden to men Then one night Tsukimi went out to visit a lovely jellyfish locked in a tiny auarium her fate will be upset by her encounter with a girl too fashionable to be tr. first off I m going to say that I am a huge fan of Nana and Paradise kiss I love Ai Yazawa and her writing and her drawings they are absolutely magnificent Her story lines are gut wrenching And so also being part geek and mostly nerd my whole life transitioning to Princess Jellyfish was than just a natural Next Step It was a must Next Step I wasn t always an Otaku but reading about Princess Jellyfish wasn t just a good read it was also very beneficial in teaching me about Japanese culture in general And I love it when a book can teach me about another culture than I already knew I learned about the Amars and I realized that if I had ever lived in Japan I would be considered of an Amars than an otaku Of course I would not be a full fledged Amars because once again much like Paradise Kiss this book incorporates a character I absolutely adore because she he is in love with fashion and I can certainly understand that concept Fashion is just another Avenue for art to put its stamp on Fashion designers are artists and all artists are creators Kuranosuke is by far my favorite character in this whole series although of course the girls definitely touch my heart because they remind me so much of friends I had growing up Tsukimi is utterly adorable and I just want to pinch her cheeks She is so shy but so adorable and I can understand Kuranosuke having developing a crush on her I love this book because it transcends all the assumptions and stereotypes that so many people in America tend to fixate on when it comes to gender and sex This book is a pansexual dream I love it that a man can dress as a woman and not have it be his complete identity but in fact just a passion that stirs inside him and he can just be as beautiful as any woman out there I love that He can do it He is an androgynous beauty It doesn t define his sexuality and I love that this book addresses that so much So many people believe that sex and gender are the same thing when really they are not and gender is just how we see ourselves our own ideas of who we are and who we want to be our own desires how we want the world to see us and it can be a mix between masculine and feminine or you can be a polar opposite of what is expected of your own sex and that is the beauty of gender Plus I must also mention this book is hilarious to read You will not want to put it down The very tension that all these characters feel just from being exposed to new experiences when they themselves are so extremely awkward is going to give you a huge punch in the gut laugh I am going to read all of these Love love love

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Princess Jellyfish Tome 1 Read & Download ò 109 Tsukimi Kurashita fan hardcore de méduses s’installe à Tokyo avec le projet de devenir illustratrice Elle emménage dans la résidence Amamizu ui a la particularité de n’être habitée ue par des filles otaku et bien évidemment d'être interdite aux hommes Alors u’un soir Tsukimi sort. Over the top irreverent hilarious sweet melancholic smart originalI really enjoyed this manga from Higashimura sensei I wonder why it took me so long to finally deciding to open its first volumeTsukimi beautiful name written with the kanji of moon and sea developed a passion for jellyfishes when she was a little girl and her mother took her to an auarium There in front of a particularly pretty species whose tentacles form reminded her of a princess gown her mother explained her that every girl once grown up could become princessesAll grown up and every day obsessed with jellyfishes Tsukimi is now a fujoshi female otaku and aspiring illustrator who s just moved to Tokyo and lives in a women only apartment where all of her amazing house mates hate men and fashion to the point of having a fit andor turning into stone literally every time they happen to cross their path with either fascinating men or womenThe house has strict rules about the access of men and fashionable people in general and all the residents define themselves proudly as nunsTsukimi life starts to change when she meets a kind friendly and gorgeous young woman who s actually a guy KuranosukeI finished reading this first volume with such an enthusiasm I love how different Tsukimi and all her friends are compared to the other beautiful women in the mangaThey re fantastically uniue and I can t wait to see how Kuranosuke presence will affect their lives

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Princess Jellyfish Tome 1 Read & Download ò 109 Pour rendre visite à une adorable médusette enfermée dans un minuscule auarium son destin va être bouleversé par sa rencontre avec une fille bien trop « fashionable » pour être vraie Tsukimi Kurashita a jellyfish hardcore fan moved to Tokyo with the vision of becoming an illustrator Sh. ImpressionsThe story is pretty wacky fantaisist and whimsical but I have a great time going over the mangas It reminded me of the characters of Ouran High Scool Host Club by Bisco Hatori in a very different context but with the same crazy sense of humor Between panic attacks the fossils attacks the rants of the different characters and the sublime makeovers you get attached to the inhabitants of the residence Decked out nicknames when they were younger all these women were retire on themselves and have become secluded crazy adultsOne feels the message of the mangaka have respect for differences If those girls have lost confidence in themselves yet their personalities are rich colorful and passionate What makes them great for those who really know how to watch and does not focus solely on appearance as the girls trends of Kurako who criticize and judge without knowing Under the nerdy and unpopular side of our characters true beauties are hidden It just take time to discover This is what Kurako is doing with great openness In the background there is also a love story born gently pointing its nose on the horizon A nice manga full of crazyness and humorAnime Manga If you do not read It s a shame but you can watch this anime online It is very nice and faithfully follows the manga But if you want to know what will happen in season 2 you will either take it out or you will have to read the manga There are six volumes already available on the web Breaks in bookstores in France on October 12 published by Delcourt and Akata Read in English on the site

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