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Read & download ↠ Race for the Iron Throne 108 How would you like to read A Game of Thrones with a PhD by your side Steven Attewell creator of Race for the Iron Throne racefortheironthronewordpresscom is one of the most insightful scholars in political theory and history but instead of devoting his talents to academia he's delving into George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga to give the most comprehensive deconstruction – and explanation – yet offered Each one of Thrones's 73 c. I heard about this book when Steve Attewell appeared on Boars Gore and Swords my favorite Game of Thrones podcast On that episode he mentioned how both GoT and the books pull from a variety of historical periods not just dark ages England The fact that he is a real historian analyzing the books seemed too great to pass up so I got the bookAnd it has been a very great read Each chapter tackles the corresponding chapter in A Game of Thrones After a very funny intro paragraph to what happened in the chapter he gives a Political Analysis within the world of ASOIAF A historical context section and a counter factual What If section He ends with a comparison to the TV show something that I think will get harder and harder past the first book as the divergence increasesThe Political Analysis have been great in explaining why the characters do what they do and pointing out when GRRM needs them to do something for plot vs when the characters are actually constrained by th

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Read & download ↠ Race for the Iron Throne 108 And complexity of Martin's storytelling And Book vs Show looks at the key differences – both good and bad – between the story as originally conceived on the printed page and as realized in HBO's Game of Thrones At nearly 204000 words it's literally impossible to imagine a exhaustive or authoritative reading companion for any novel ever before published Note there are spoilers for all five published novels in the Song of Ice and Fire serie. Some interesting material though the grotesue editing failures John Dunne lol and terrible kindle conversion all pictures are replaced with uestion marks etc are a bit distracting

Read & download ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Steven Attewell

Read & download ↠ Race for the Iron Throne 108 Hapters is broken down in meticulous detail in four key areas The Political and Historical Analyses explore the political ramifications that each character's decisions entail while digging into the real world historical incidents that inspired Martin's narrative twists and turns What If offers up a tantalizing look at how these political and historical elements could have played out in dozens of alternative scenarios underscoring the majesty. Really good analysis from the perspective of a social democratic medieval history nerd Does a good job of deconstructing some of the popular criticism of the various characters Could have maybe used an editor for the transition from blogpost to book

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