[kindle or Pdf] Raising Your Child Not By Force But By Love ✓ Sidney C. Craig

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  • Raising Your Child Not By Force But By Love
  • Sidney C. Craig
  • English
  • 23 November 2018
  • 9780664244132

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Raising Your Child Not By Force But By Love Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free For many families as children appraoch young adulthood an emotional rift appears between parents and their children Sometimes the two generations can barely speak tog. Wrote a detailed review only to have my three year old decided to play PBS kids on the window I had opened and lost the whole thing Here goes round two I loved this book It has helped me in my parenting Its explains ways to build feelings of love between you and your child rather than feelings of anger or resentmentThe book explains that most of the delinuent youthadults and those who turn to drugs and violence often come from the most structured homes with the most organized and disciplined parents That many parents discipline the way they do because they love their children and want what s best of them but that their actions do not help their children feel love and acceptance from their parentsSome of the scenario are outdated but you can update them yourself as you read if needed to make them applicable to you today This book is based greatly on the teachings of Jesus Christ It uses His example and applies them to parenting It explains that there are certain disciplinary measures that are expected by society for children who misbehave from their parents If child does offense A then B is the conseuence But in reality when sinners came to Christ He freely forgave them right away The book explains children have limited reasoning For example when a child is sent to their room to think about what they have done they do just the opposite They might have feelings of resentment and anger build within them toward the parent even if it is unprecedented The child twist their reality to make things the parent s fault and avoid their own accountabilityIn the book it talks about a love bank for each child When you have to discipline them or say no you take a withdraw from their account The goal is to always have their account positive So if you have not loved on your child with some good one on one TLC and are just telling them no and reprimanding them of things you need to do something to let them know that you love them This has been very helpful for me with my two year oldThe book also outlines the proper way to say no to something your child wants so as to still increase feelings of love for you from your child Doing this with my children has helped immenselyIt talked about trust with children How many children won t do things their parents disapprove of when they are trusted and given privileges because they feel that their parents love them

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Raising Your Child Not By Force But By Love Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Mpact in their lives Craig states that in order for the problem of adolescent delinuency to be solved parents must find the courage to draw on their religious heritag. I would really give this book 4 stars because it has a few perspectives I disagree with and is not well written But the overall message was so helpful to me as a mother and gave me a push in the exact direction I needed to go It helped me so much as a young mother of 2 boys that it lead my path toward an old mother of 6 who still refers to it This book combined with Dr Glenn Latham is like parenting magic

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Raising Your Child Not By Force But By Love Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ether without creating severe tension and antagonism In this book Sidney Craig seeks to help the parents of adolescents relate to their children and have a positive i. The culture of parenting has always fascinated me how should I act what should I do How do I get my child to do this This book is written by a psychologist who has experience seeing families with problems it is based on his experiences that he extends his ideas about raising children He maintains that delinuency is a disease produced by mismanaged feelings He supports five ideas basic in Christian Judeo beliefs 1Follow the Golden Rule 2 Maintain unswerving faith in the basic goodness of your child no matter what 3 Be ready to forgive without limit no matter how often failure to live up to a certain standard happens 4 Repay anger and irrationality including tantrums with kindness 5 Be generous