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Ransom Redemption #2

Ransom Redemption #2 characters à 109 R.K. Ryals Ä 9 Download Summary Ransom Redemption #2 Demon ueen She will be testedAnd in the search for a ring that may unbind her from Marcas Craig Dayton will discover that the bond between an Angel and a Demon goes much deeper than blood She will endure. Where do I start First let me say that Ransom was every bit as good as Redemption and where Redemption hinted to the growing feelings between the bonded Naphil Dayton and Demon Marcus Ransom revealed what we all knew to be true swoon Ransom starts right where we left off in Redemption flying on the Carpet of Solomon in pursuit of the Ring of Solomon a holy artifact that will release the blood bond between the two With a deathly fear of heights Dayton is just barely holding it together Everyone she has ever loved is fighting a battle against demons sent to destroy her by Marcus s mother Lilith A battle she just abandoned them to fight on their own so she can betray her only allies in order to find a solution to their bonding She s coming undone and with her new power growing by the day she hasn t felt lost in her own skin The strength of her Light is a force to be reckoned with but her heart her growing affection for her Demon is drowning her focusWith a war approaching both sides are scrambling to sway the pair for their own advantages And the longer the two stay bonded the Heaven and Hell fear the outcome And the longer Dayton stays by Marcus side the she risks losing her soul But it isn t her soul she fears losing the most it is her heart What happens when a child of God and a product of Hell surrender to their desire to be together With Satan after Marcus s obedience and Marcus s crazy brother thinking a joining between demon and nephilim will bring redemption to them all will the two be able to fight for the right to decide for themselvesRansom is an incredible journey that will leave the reader desperate for RK Ryals is a master storyteller with the ability to create characters that you can t live without I am forever hooked whatever she decides to write I will definitely buy without uestion Now on to Retribution

Summary Ransom Redemption #2

Ransom Redemption #2 characters à 109 R.K. Ryals Ä 9 Download Summary Ransom Redemption #2 Vengeance is the path of the Damned It is not a path taken lightly For a Naphil it could mean ransoming his soulBezalielDayton Blainey is caught between two worlds Heaven and Hell Bound to a Demon she's b. Ransom picks up where the first book in the series Redemption leaves off Dayton Blainey is bound by blood to Marcas Craig and they are now in search of the one thing that may unbind them Solomon s ring As they embark upon this uest the danger that they face is unimaginable The battle between good versus evil intensifies as does the threat to Dayton and Marcas as well as their feelings for each other We get to see many of the same characters we were introduced to and came to love in the Redemption in Ransom and we are introduced to uite a few new characters as well In their uest for the ring Dayton and Marcas along with the angel Sophia and the fallen angel Lucas are forced into Hell to deal with the wrath of Lilith Marcas mother Dayton than proves herself while there We begin to see and learn about Marcas in this novel and Dayton comes to realize her feelings for him and he for her An unlikely alliance has arisen to fight together against the demonic hoards that are seeking to destroy them even drawing the attention of Lucifer himself and then they face a surprise attack by the evil demon Damon This book was so awesome I can t say enough how great this series is I was completely enthralled from beginning to end There is nonstop drama and action The romance is hot and the story line and characters are great This is one series you won t want to miss uotes from book 2 I sobbed as Marcas ended the vision abruptly his lips suddenly crashing down onto mine It was an odd moment for a kiss and yet so right An awful memory a heartbreaking scene replaced by a forceful caressHe was giving me a part of himself his lips almost violent as I sobbed against him my kiss filled with all of the emotions I d had pent up since we met If you re trying to convince me he is evil you failed Everyone has the capacity for evil But evil doesn t have the capacity to be merciful

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Ransom Redemption #2 characters à 109 R.K. Ryals Ä 9 Download Summary Ransom Redemption #2 Eginning to care about she is thrown into an adventure she may not survive But she will trySeparated from her friends she is forced to use powers she just discovered she had while surviving the wrath of a. Ohmigoodness I didn t want to stop and write the review of Redemption the first book I just wanted to keep reading When I finally got to start this book I read it in one sitting I went without food and sleep I just needed to know if getting unbound really was the answer If you haven t read REDEMPTION the first in the series what are you waiting for Stop reading this review and go do it I wanted to hate him I even needed to hate him And I hated even that I couldn t hate him My final conclusion I needed therapy I don t even know how I can begin to tell you what the next phase had in store for Marcas Dayton Monroe Connor We know that Marcas Dayton are on a flying carpet Aladdin anyone with the mission of getting their hands on the coveted Ring of Solomon and it is guarded By like warriors and gasp angels What we didn t know is that they would have to face so much on that journey I m trying not to tell you that they may or may not have found themselves trudging through a pyramid in Egypt come face to face with jealousy had to take a forced trip to hell and the pits of fire have to pull out the stops to escape Lillith face indescribable trials to save their friends from being massacred by Lucifer the ruler of the underworld discover about their binding and what that means for their powers as well as sharing THE MOST INTENSE KISS the realization that they care The decision that Dayton makes at the end will change the game for good She was building suspense An Angel who liked a scene Imagine that I personally thought the glow was enough Something told me mixing the word Hell with hound wasn t like mixing ice with cream There is evil And then there is Lucifer Although Marcas is a man of very few words and I m pretty sure he wished he never had to speak or be spoken to I fell in love with him Hook line sinker I get that demons are supposed to be selfish but Marc just isn t He is silent huffy with all his eyebrow raising and jaw clenching and holding his cards close to his chest but mostly he is misunderstood Sigh If you re trying to convince me he is evil you failed Everyone has the capacity for evil But evil doesn t have the capacity to be merciful RK Ryals has this knack with making you feel what the characters do I felt fear despair when Dayton did I held my breath when the hellhounds were stinking up the place eeeeeeek I felt trust passion and wonderment for Marcas and I felt the unconditional love flowing between Dayton Connor Monroe All these moments had the power to give me goosebumps and get emotion all caught in my throat Truly RK Ryals Dayton have both made it to my favorites shelfI m going straight onto Retribution and after this ending I know that Dayton is going to have to dig deep to overcome one of her biggest enemies A brilliant action packed story that had me on the edge of my seat Oftentimes it is in moments when hope is lost that understanding is gained

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