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Screwed The Truth About Life as a Prison Officer

free read Screwed The Truth About Life as a Prison Officer 100 'My name is Ronnie Thompson Being a prison officer was something I used to be proud of I soon realised the truth of what its like working as a screw thoughIt's afucking headache Corruption danger violence Welcome to my world'Ronnie Thompson was just an ordinary guy That is until hebecame a prison officer By the time he started work at HMP Romwell he realised h. A fantastic real life insight into the life of a prison officier screw I couldn t put this down I can t for the life of me understand the poor reviews this has received surely after reading the description before you pick this up you kind of expect the bad language and straight talking This bloke didn t water flowers for a living he worked in one of the grimmest prisons in the UK Absolutely loved Ronnie Thompson s attitude to life Fantastic morals I ll be buying his other books Brilliant stuff

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free read Screwed The Truth About Life as a Prison Officer 100 Of bent screws the drugs they traffic the firms they work for and what they get paid for their sinsHe shows how it is left down to a small group of officers to control an over flowing prison keep an eye out for corrupt govenors and dodge the deluded human rights campaigners Ultimately he shows us that being a good screw doesnt always mean sticking to the rules. I have really mixed emotions about this book On one hand it was a great read and I couldn t put it down I have a huge interest in these real life on the job kind of books so when I saw this it instantly got my interest What I did enjoy was the brutal honesty Ronnie doesn t stop at anything he will tell you exactly how it is even when he s the one in the wrong It was really interesting to get that perspective of inside a prison how it actually runs and how the officers are treated At the start he tells you about an event that happened You don t find out the result of this until the last chapter So he essentially takes you back in time through his journey from training right up and through leading up to this event You can feel his emotion and passion for his job It was a different layout to what I m used to Generally these kinds of books have a chapter per story But this was one flowing story following him from start to where he is now What I didn t like Firstly the language in this is really extreme and takes a bit of getting used to I m glad that he doesn t sugarcoat it but especially at the start it s a bit much and might put people off the book The language does get a lot better as the book moves on it s a lot less freuent He also tends to always call women birds This is just a personal pet peeve All that aside I did enjoy the book He does have some others out so I might check them out too

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free read Screwed The Truth About Life as a Prison Officer 100 E was actually a nurse a copper a probation officer a carer a councillor a social worker and of course an incarcerator all in one Oh and a punch bag for the cons and bossesIn SCREWED Ronnie tells it like it is Hereveals what really goes on behind bars the times when force is necessary and used and when it is unnecessary but still usedHe exposes the underworld. Dropped it after page 100 not well written and just reads very angry and foul mouthed And this person is s full of himself it just gets under your skin Such a shame because the subject and point of view is so interesting

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