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Sexy Beast Gypsy Heroes #1 Free read Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Women and yet one look into his magnetic eyes and I am doing crazy things I've never imagined doing I tell myself just one taste what harm can it do But what happens if one taste is not enough Billy Joe Pilkington She's the hottest girl I know and I've been lusting for her since I was old enough to fuck b. 45 miracule stars Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning Billy Joe Pilkingtona badass a criminal a sexy dangerous man who takes what he wants when he wants to and right now the time has come for him to claim the only woman he ever wanted BUT was off limitsLayla Edenan overly protected somewhat spoilt and loved young woman the youngest in the Eden family amongst three older brothers Jake Dominic and Shane always kinda hated him BJ ever since they were teens BUT she could not escape the attraction to his allure It was too much too dangerous and too addictive and one single moment when she got caught in her little mischief by him the hate collided with the heat and the seal of untouchable was forever brokenthe odds have changed casual sex became inspite of the resentment from her familyshe chose Billy Joe and she stood by himBUT the story doesn t end here when you really think you got lulled by the sweet after the hot alpha claimed the guurl plot you are wrong cause this story pulls you further into the realms of real life where money doesn t really mean anything at allBUT when turmoil hits were it hurts the most then HOPE FAITH and PERSISTANCE call for a little MIRACULEGeorgia really surprised me with this story it started light and sexy and stemy hot and ended like the real life tears you apart and throws you into the depths of black only to show you the way into the light againThis is book 1 in the Gipsy Heroes series which is a spin of Eden series and it should be read in this order starting with the latter

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Sexy Beast Gypsy Heroes #1 Free read Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ut she's also a spoiled little fucking princess who swoons about the place like she's something special She wasn't so high and mighty after her first lesson on my knees Well I’ve got news for her I'm gonna kick down her walls strip away the façade and take what I want And this time I'll keep what's mine. A uick and enjoyable read with lot s of sexy moments

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Sexy Beast Gypsy Heroes #1 Free read Õ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Sexy Beast is the first of a sexy new stand alone three book series titled Gypsy Heroes All have HEA and are Interlinked with Crystal Jake the complete Eden seriesLayla Eden He's forbidden and everything I should loathe in a man Arrogant foul mouthed inked a bare knuckle fighter thinks he’s God’s gift to. I love this author with my whole heart I ll just never be able to get over that first scene My heart is broken

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