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Sons of Cain characters ☆ 104 Peter Vronsky ✓ 4 characters Free download Sons of Cain He gap between dry academic studies and sensationalized true crime investigative historian Peter Vronsky examines our understanding of serial killing from its prehistoric anthropological evolutionary dimensions in the pre civilization era c 15000 BC to today Delving further back into human history and deeper into the human psyche than Serial Killers Vronsky's 2004 book which has been called the definitive history of the phenomenon of ser. I hardly even know how to fully express my frustrations with this book One problem with it structurally was that it couldn t decide if it was a sort of unified theory of serial killers or a catalog of them through history which meant it veered back and forth between a broad scope look at serial killing as a phenomenon and accounts of specific singular serial killers Perhaps a better writer could have tied those two things together but Vronsky didn t manage it Secondly there was a lot of weird misogyny in here For someone who managed to express the concept of the less dead not Vronsky s innovation and the ways in which marginalized populations are particularly vulnerable because of the legal system the fact that he couldn t use the word sex worker instead of prostitute and particularly his lurid description of Jack the Ripper s victims as essentially grotesue didn t feel particularly compassionate or conscientious There was also some whiffs of evolutionary psychology in his explanation of where serial killers come from a school of thought I find profoundly dubious particularly because of its deep seated connections to misogynist conceptions of gender roles and men are just like that apologia for rape The idea that serial killer is the natural state of people and usually men in particular which is something Vronsky very much seems to buy into fits very much into a highly suspect and in large part scientifically uestionable narrative of evo psych and one that tends to reinforce conceptions of men as naturally violent and women as naturally nurturing There were also his characterizations of serial killers mothers as essentially at fault and some distasteful at best mutterings about the perils of feminizing young boys that had than a whiff of transphobia There are ways to talk about how perhaps forced feminization impacts boys that involve discussion of the insecurity of masculinity in Western culture and less blaming mothers That latter isn t an unfamiliar trope in true crime literature but it s one that always makes me skeptical we tend to blame mothers for how children turn out to a possibly disproportionate degreeAlso his inclusion of the witch hunts in his category of serial killers was highly suspect to me and seemed to belong in a different book and almost bizarrely aggressive descriptions of the evils of our opponents for some reason contrasted with ISIS seemed like digressions into another book entirely There were also some strange things in the general format like the three page long spread of serial killers and their birth datestimes of activity something that might have been in an appendix and a full page of lurid headlines from men s magazines didn t need all those examples at all that I am frankly astonished weren t cut in the editing process I m almost certainly forgetting other things that bothered me considering that scarcely a page passed by in reading this where I wasn t finding myself wrinkling my nose at somethingIt seems to me like Vronsky couldn t decide which book to write and tried to write all of them And along the way he fell into a number of unfortunate traps that meant I found myself not just annoyed by this book but actively repulsed Unfortunateedit Oh yes And at least one glaring factual inaccuracy the idea of the bullied loser 1999 Columbine massacre perpetrators has been thoroughly discredited multiple times

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Sons of Cain characters ☆ 104 Peter Vronsky ✓ 4 characters Free download Sons of Cain Ial murder he focuses strictly on sexual serial killers thrill killers who engage in murder rape torture cannibalism and necrophilia as opposed to for profit serial killers including hit men or political serial killers like terrorists or genocidal murderersThese sexual serial killers differ from all other serial killers in their motives and their foundations They are uniuely human and as popular culture has demonstrated uniuely fascinati. This book contained so much information I was not expecting it to be so complex The book is broken into 3 different sections On the Origin of Species The Evolution of Serial Killers Serial Killer Chronicles The Early Forensic History of Monsters and The New Age of Monsters The Rise of the Modern Serial Killer This book included information about serial killers that I have never even heard of and went back hundreds and hundreds of years It is very well researched and the author talked about things I was even familiar with I was familiar with infamous serial killers such as Jack the Ripper and individuals in the United States from 1950 2000 This was a really interesting book and I think that anyone who enjoys reading about serial killers and true crime will really enjoy this book It is fairly dense and contains a great deal of information Thank you to the publisher Berkley for sending me an ARC of this book

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Sons of Cain characters ☆ 104 Peter Vronsky ✓ 4 characters Free download Sons of Cain From the author of Serial Killers The Method and Madness of Monsters comes an in depth examination of sexual serial killers throughout human history how they evolved and why we are drawn to their horrifying crimesBefore the term was coined in 1981 there were no serial killers There were only monsters killers society first understood as werewolves vampires ghouls and witches or later Hitchcockian psychosIn Sons of Cain a book that fills t. This is a comprehensive history of serial killers by author Peter Vronsky which discusses killers going way back and talks about the coining of the term serial killer and its use Lots of research went into the book and it s very well written Unfortunately I had trouble with parts of it due to my sleep disorder which caused me difficulty getting through it so I ll likely go back and read it again at a later date when it s not acting up as much For those interested in the subject you may want to give this a look if you want to check out the history of them and how they came into being A different type of books than the ones about their crimes and the trials but fascinating in another way for sure as an overview It is impressive with all of the information that went into it It gives a good understanding of how they likely came into being from the very earliest of times from the days of Cain and AbelAdam and Eve My thanks for the advance electronic copy provided by Netgalley author Peter Vronsky and the publisher for my fair reviewBerkley Publishing GroupPub Aug 14th 2018My Bookzone blog on Wordpress