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  • Stealing Secrets
  • H. Donald Winkler
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  • 05 July 2019
  • 9781402242748

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Review ☆ Stealing Secrets 100 The clever devious daring women who helped turn the tides of the Civil WarDuring America's most divisive war both the Union and Confederacy took advantage of brave and courageous women willing to adventurously support their causes These female spies of the Civil War participated in the world's second oldest professi. A fantastic book about the women spies in the Civil War both Union and Confederate Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading about that part of history Proof that women must not be underestimated

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Review ☆ Stealing Secrets 100 On spying a profession perilous in the extreme The tales of female spies are filled with suspense bravery treachery and trickery They took enormous risks and achieved remarkable results often in ways men could not do These are the bold untold stories of women shaping our very nation Stepping out of line and into bat. This book took me a month to get through My first impressions of this book included judgments like dry spliced wandering and chauvinistic so I took a break During that recess though I found myself thinking a lot about the stories I kept referring back to its Civil War details to frame other encounters with events of this era There were a lot in that 2 week period TV shows radio spots other books etc Coincidence I think not So I went back and finished it because shallow insight into women s psyche aside the research and facts are solid I m putting it in the same bin as The Disappearing Spoon the best textbook I ever read cover to cover And the last chapter was the best hands down

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Review ☆ Stealing Secrets 100 Tle these women faced clandestine missions treason and death all because of their passionate commitment to their causeThese are the unknown Civil War stories you need to hearAs stated on the grave marker of Union spy Elizabeth Van Lew She risked everything that is dear to man friends fortune comfort health life itse. A fine book if you want short biographies but given the tantalizing subject matter it was a bit dry The format bio after bio with no connections or comparisons made between different spies was dull to read Even so there is value in this sort of catalog even if that value lies in finding something to research diligently