Title : Supernatural and Mysterious Japan: Spirits, Hauntings, and Paranormal Phenomena
Format : Paperback
Pages : 160 pages
Publisher : Catrien Ross
Language : English
ISBN : 9784900737372

To write this book on Japan's ghosts and other freaky phenomena Catrien Ross collected accounts of the eerie and terrifying from around Japan Along the way she braved frightening locales including the uniuiet grave of the beautiful betrayed Oiwa and sacred Mount Osore a gateway for communicating with the dead The result of her journeys is a glimpse into hidden aspects of the Japanese world of the paranormal a world of blind women shamans trees that grow human hair weeping rocks and even a graveyard where Jesus is reputed to have been buried Covering ancient and modern times Supernatural and Mysterious Japan offers not only some good old fashioned scary stories but some special insights into Japanese culture and psychology It delivers terrific entertainment and some good chills for the Japanophile and aficionado of the supernatural alike