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Free read Surge by Peter R. Mansoor characters Surge by Peter R. Mansoor ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Peter R. Mansoor  9 Free download Surge is an insider’s view of the most decisive phase of the Ira War After exploring the dynamics of the war during its first three years the book takes the reader on a journey to Fort Leavenworth Kansas where the controversial new US Army and Marine Corps counterinsurgency doctrine was developed; to Washington DC and the halls of the Pentagon where. Using his experience as Executive officer to General David Petraeus recently declassified documents interviews and unpublished manuscripts Peter Mansoor has written a powerful and insightful book on the Surge in the Irai War In the forward of the book General Petraeus writes that author Pete Mansoor is uniuely ualified to write a history of the surge and that he possesses an uneualed combination of impressive scholarly achievement military service experience in the early days in Ira and participation in key events during the surge That says it all This is an enjoyable well written book about a complex and much discussed event I recommend it highly

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Surge by Peter R. Mansoor

Free read Surge by Peter R. Mansoor characters Surge by Peter R. Mansoor ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Peter R. Mansoor  9 Free download The Joint Chiefs of Staff struggled to understand the conflict; to the streets of Baghdad where soldiers worked to implement the surge and reenergize the flagging war effort before the Irai state splintered; and to the halls of Congress where Ambassador Ryan Crocker and General David Petraeus testified in some of the most contentious hearings in rece. An insider s account of American counterinsurgency fighting in Ira Describes deliberations behind the Surge strategy and its implementation Includes both the historical narrative with events of the campaign and personal impressions opinions of other people encounters with friends and some good humorThe main point is solution to counterinsurgency is mostly political and armed forces operations are only means although very important to achieve that end and not the end themselves The author reiterates that main points of surge strategy perhaps too many times by the end of the book you already know what he is going to say in the next few paragraphs once he brings up the topic but I find it a minor drawbackTwo very important points were1 The key to success was winning the loyalties of population not by hearts and minds PR campaign but by solving their pressing needs security electricity water then political representation2 They could not kill all the enemies they had to make peace somehow with armed enemies guys who had blood on their hands Instead of retaliation they chose to reconcile and remove an obstacle to the long term goalThe story ends in summer 2008 would be interesting to read a follow up about later events the reasons behind failure in Ira in the long run and rise of ISIL

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Free read Surge by Peter R. Mansoor characters Surge by Peter R. Mansoor ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Peter R. Mansoor  9 Free download Nt memory Using newly declassified documents unpublished manuscripts interviews author notes and published sources Surge explains how President George W Bush Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki Ambassador Crocker General Petraeus and other US and Irai political and military leaders shaped the surge from the center of the maelstrom in Baghdad and Washingto. Here we have an ultimate insider s view of the American military strategy in Ira post 2007 According to the author the Surge strategy turned the war around from potential disastrous military and even geopolitical defeat in the region for the US into the somewhat stable and potentially viable state that Ira is today Then Colonel Peter R Mansoor was a ground commander in Ira prior to 2007 He acted as General David Petraeus s executive officer in Ira during the surge strategy thus witness to the conflict from both angles pre and post surge Mansoor traces Ira from the end of 2006 when the war was all but lost to hard is not hopeless to stability by such metrics as reduced car bombings civilian murders and trooper casualties after the surge There s an underlying supposition in the book that the war itself is a grand adventure a test of America s resolve to cement a democracy in the middle east by securing a population and rendering safety to the Irai people To his credit Mansoor for the most part avoids the roiling US politics of the war that Ira was a war of choice to focus his writing on the surge itself and its military and thus political effects inside Ira The author hints at the pushback from Democrats and others on Capitol Hill but restrains his writing mostly Mansoor s narrative takes off from Fort Leavenworth where with his efforts and prodding from General Petraeus Army TRADOC produces FM 3 24 the counterinsurgency COIN manual Together with the Surge of troops that Field Manual will hopefully turn the tide in Ira And the strategy does work for the most part Mansoor is a military historian and as such he lives with a somewhat broader view than most The book cites such obscure but perhaps relevant factors as the treaty of Westphalia in 1648 after the Magdeburg massacre That treaty is the first document which alludes to the separation of church and state Mansoor cites the deep divisive history of the Shi a Vs Sunni Muslim population in Ira and the chasm between those two religious groups that drives much of the conflict Indeed the event that seems to mark the nexus of change in Ira is the so called Awakening when Sunni members of the new Ira turned against their own Sunni militia counterparts According to Mansoor the sea change would not have happened without the surge Likewise Shi a groups turned against Mutada al Sadr s Shi a militia in similar fashion during the so called Charge of the Knights demonstrating loyalty to Nouri al Maliki s government and a secular Ira Surge outlines and unpacks a specific military strategy in America s war of choice in Ira It has its faults For one the author idolizes General David Petraeus his commander in war and writer of his book s foreword The rendering of Petraeus borders on hagiography The book rightly I believe takes certain Democratic politicians to task for overt campaigning at the expense of the troops Mansoor cites Von Clausewitz and Beyerchen on the non linear aspect of war then he draws straight lines from surge strategy to success Likewise he refers again and again to the necessity of personal interaction with Irais and the resultant Humint that such counterinsurgency offers but seems enad of tech tools such as powerpoint drones social media and the hard power common to any war such as Stryker vehicles M1A1 tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles To his credit Mansoor avoids any mention of his own military activity writing almost as a witness to the history he s immersed in and not as a soldier That too may be a shortcoming The book makes little mention of the troops on the ground the Eleven Bravos wearing their battle rattle who made the Surge work In the book s final section The Surge in Retrospect Mansoor delves into some of the political aspects of the Ira war and here in this reviewer s opinion as an objective writer he stumbles a bit Those who wring their hands over the Bush administration s surge to invade Ira in 2003 for vague strategic reasons are engaged in an interesting academic exercise Mr Bush invaded Ira to find non existent WMD Nothing vague about it Our elected leaders have a sacred obligation to debate the use of America s military This is no interesting academic exercise The author mentions the failure of the Obama administration to secure an agreement to keep US troops in Ira post 2011 using Korea and Vietnam as examples This is a false choice Koreans begged us to stay we lost the war in Vietnam and had to leave the American people demanded that we leave Ira In a democracy which is what we d hoped to install in Ira after all that s simply the way it worksAll in all a definitive book about a select specific military strategy that seems to have done the job it was designed to do The writing is crisp authoritative and jammed with facts For those who study military history it offers an important addition to their shelves along with Tom Holland s In The Shadow of the Sword and Neil Sheehan s A Bright Shining Lie Byron Edgington author of The Sky Behind Me A Memoir of Flying Life

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