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Summary Ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Evangeline Anderson Evangeline Anderson ☆ 7 Summary Read Sweet Dreams He's not about to alienate the people who love him and took him in when he was youngerAlisha has tried everything to break down Clay's barriers and is about to give up when a golden opportunity arises Testing for the sweetdreams drug is underway and Alisha volunteers to take the REM sleep enhancer that causes subjects to act out their dreamsNow with a valid excuse to. So eye rollingly awful I can t even bring myself to waste even precious time by writing a thoughtful review

Summary Ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Evangeline Anderson

Summary Ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Evangeline Anderson Evangeline Anderson ☆ 7 Summary Read Sweet Dreams Show her older cousin how she feels without conseuences Alisha will act out her most erotic fantasies in a final effort to get Clay between the sheets and into her love life forever But how will Clay feel when he finds out he's been tricked into the forbidden relationship And what are the real side effects of sweetdreams when the results are taboo sex and bitter betray. Really long kind of boring

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Summary Ë eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Evangeline Anderson Evangeline Anderson ☆ 7 Summary Read Sweet Dreams Genre Multicultural FuturisticAlisha has loved Clayton since they were kids With his dark hair and pale gold eyes that look right through her he captured her heart long ago There's only one problem Clay is her cousin by marriageClay has been trying not to notice what a sexy desirable woman his little cousin has turned into for years Family ties are important to him and. I m back to my interracial romance novel phase and chose this since the author s name begins with an A on my Nook I ve read Evangeline Anderson before and The Man in the Black Leather Mask was pretty decent so I figured two for two rightWRONGSweet Dreams is just EPIC FAIL CENTRAL and that has nothing to do with the pseudo incest theme The Too Stupid To Live heroine I wish I d known that before I bought this book back in 2010 Alisha Johnson is described using food terms again cafe au lait which means said heroine is going to resemble Beyonce or Halle Berry and have silky flowing locks down to her mid back but built like a brick house because in romancelandia those are the only kind of black women who exist or who are worthy of being thought of as attractive Of course this story being set in 2046 it s nice for the author to let us know that in spite of all the wonderful innovations of the future black women will still have issues with possessing kinky hair since the main character s best friend Deelah has undergone genetic modification to permanently straighten her nappy the author s own words hair and to increase her bust size Whee something to look forward to The hero Clayton as sympathetic as I found him also irritated the hell out of me with the whole exoticness angle everytime he touched Alisha he had to mention cafe au lait skin or her chocolate pssy Just NoI hated Alisha Can I say it again I HATED ALISHA I seldom hate a character and even the ones I don t like I can find something redeeming about them Not happening here I HATED THIS BITCH There s just nothing empowering or sexy about lying to the man you supposedly claim to love There s nothing sexy about dismissing his concerns about what both your families would think if he acted on his deep attraction to you There s nothing sexy about him allowing you to stay with him only for you to run around half naked like a selfish little slut which is exactly what I found Alisha to be And I don t consider her a slut for liking sex but for being a huge liar and not respecting Clayton s boundaries If the situations were reversed and this novel had the hero behaving in such a reprehensible and coercive manner most readers would be up in armsAlisha talks her best friend who works for a research lab into giving her a three week dosage of a drug called Sweetdreams which is to be used to help facilitate long distance space travel The drug allows for those who take it to slow their metabolisms but also to dream while doing so During the initial trials each subject had a partner who would monitor them for any signs of sleepwalking or other side effects Alisha s brilliant plan to get into Clayton s pants is to convince him to monitor her at night but instead of taking the actual drug she s given a placebo to make him think all her dirty fantasies about him stemmed from the drug and not from her Exceptthe placebo actually wasn t and all the hot cousin not cousin lovin came from her being on the real Sweetdreams drug Poor Clayton has no idea he s being played and each time he has to monitor Alisha while under the influence his willpower to not touch or do anything to her just unravels Yes he wants her too but family is important to him as well so yes he definitely is stuck between a rock and a hard place This is the part where the sex is supposed to be uber hot with lots of dirty talk and fantasy and spanking but Alisha s actions just disgusted me Seriously the cousin thing I could have given a pass to When he finds out what she s done he s rightfully pissed as he should be and if it were up to me I would have ended the book with Clayton tossing Alisha out on her perfect apple butt and finding himself a good honest white woman but since this is a ROMANCE there just had to be a happily ever after even for a character who deserved a good kick in the ass and not the chance to ride off into the sunset with the hero Poor Clayton feels guilty for sending Alisha packing and goes off world to retrieve his womanI realize this book was supposed to be edgy but it was just maddening

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