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DOWNLOAD The Ever After Bird 107 DOWNLOAD Æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » Ann Rinaldi READ The Ever After Bird Expedition in search of the rare scarlet ibis CeCe is surprised to learn there's a second reason for their journey Along the way Uncle Alex secretly points slaves north in the direction of the Underground Railroad   ?. Cover Blurb At least it doesn t look dated I like it well enough and all the hints about the story it has Still not my favorite cover out of all her books thoughWhat I Liked One thing I always love about this Author s books is she can begin a story with a somewhat unlikable protagonist and by the end of the story you love her CeCe is at first rather bratty and not the world s most lovable girl But as the story progressed I really began to like her I liked her than Earline who really was rather mean to her and provoked her without cause though I could sympathize with her after everything she had been through I really enjoyed watching her and CeCe s relationship grow and I loved the moment when CeCe tried to save Earline from a whipping Uncle Alex was lovable from the start he would be a great older brotherWhat I Disliked NothingBelievability I ve never had anything to complain about Ann Rinaldi s historical details She portrays slavery as it was without going into a tangent about how all white people were evil She s always been very good about portraying things fairly and truthfully for all sides The Author s Note was especially interesting to read since she talked about how the character of Uncle Alex was inspired by two real life peopleWriting Style Ann Rinaldi has always been good with accents and this book is no exception She writes authentic and believable negro and Southern accents bringing the characters to lifeContent Uncle Alex tells CeCe that before Earline ran away she was attacked raped by her master and when they re staying at one plantation two boys go into CeCe s room with the intention of doing her and Earline harm But nothing happens and Uncle Alex offers no details on Earline s pastConclusion Ann Rinaldi s shorter stories like this always end somewhat abruptly The Reader knows that the protagonist s life continues but our observation of the person s life has now ended It s a very realistic ending and sometimes those sort of endings frustrate me but with Rinaldi s books it always suits I really liked The Ever After Bird it offered an interesting peek into plantation life and it had many good charactersRecommended Audience Historical fiction fans girl read most ages

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DOWNLOAD The Ever After Bird 107 DOWNLOAD Æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » Ann Rinaldi READ The Ever After Bird ? Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous pre Civil War South  The Ever After Bird is the story of a young woman's education about the horrors of slavery and the realization about the kind of person she wants to beco. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToocomIf he hadn t been determined to help runaway slaves he would still be alive That s why CeCe McGill hates abolitionists Her father devoted his life and their home to giving aid as part of the Underground Railroad but it was also what ended his own life when he was shot His death left CeCe an orphanWhen CeCe s uncle a doctor and an artist arrives after her father s death she is nervous about leaving the only home she s ever known to live with him in Ohio It doesn t take long for her to realize he has a kind and gentle soul So why is it a surprise when she learns he is an abolitionist just like her late fatherThe difference is that CeCe finds herself directly involved in the abolitionist movement Uncle Alex and his assistant a young black college student are planning a trip to the South Uncle Alex wants to study rare birds and his assistant wants to research the institution of slavery for her studies at Oberlin College CeCe is invited along for the adventureThe three travelers must adhere to the behaviors and customs of the South Uncle Alex s assistant Earline will be assuming the role of slave and CeCe and her uncle must act in character as her owner and mistress If they are discovered the punishment could result in death CeCe is well aware that her uncle will be doing than just searching for the scarlet ibis know as the Ever After bird He will also be helping point slaves in the direction of freedomCeCe s adventure is filled with educational opportunities as she learns about the world of rare birds and the workings of slavery She sees the hope of freedom but it is often colored with the tragedy of abusive treatment and even death All she hopes is that they survive and in some small way make the world a better placeAnn Rinaldi is well known for her historical fiction THE EVER AFTER BIRD paints a uniue picture of slavery in the South and the fight fought by brave individuals who wanted to see its end Her descriptions compare the gentle refinement of the South with the startling reality of life behind the grand plantation houses and blooming magnolia bushes

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DOWNLOAD The Ever After Bird 107 DOWNLOAD Æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » Ann Rinaldi READ The Ever After Bird Now that her father is dead CeCe McGill is left to wonder why he risked his life for the ragged slaves who came to their door in the dead of night When her uncle an ornithologist insists she accompany him to Georgia on an. This book is categorized as children s literature On the back of my copy it says Ages 10 and up Personally I wouldn t recommend it to anyone under 12 My daughter read the book last year at age 11 thoroughly enjoyed it and then told me I ought to read it She is on the mature side for her age but as I read it I was kind of horrified that she d had to digest the difficult subject matter According to the author s note Rinaldi says many of the cruel scenes of slavery are taken from record So they may be factual and therefore important but decidedly heart wrenchingThe story is set in the pre Civil War South We follow 13 year old CeCe recently orphaned as she travels with her abolitionist uncle He is a medical doctor and ornithologist and it is his mission to travel from plantation to plantation seeking birds and secretly informing the slaves about the Underground Railroad But beware it s got everythingWhippings rape abuse and inhumane treatment dysfunctional parent child relationships infidelity smothered babies nakedness accidents injuries and death None of these are spelled out in explicit detail but they are part of the story nonetheless And for young children it may be the first time they have to make sense of some of these conceptsI was at first tempted to dismiss Rinaldi s writing style as simplistic perhaps dumbed down for the younger set But I realized as the story went on it was utterly appropriate Told in the first person we are getting a recounting of CeCe s experience during one fateful and life changing summer It was as though an older CeCe was sitting at my kitchen table telling me about her past Toward the end during the climactic scenes it was pitch perfect Not one word wasted It kind of reminded me of Doris Lessing s writing style Spare and direct And in this story Rinaldi used it to great effect it turns outIf you re an adult don t feel foolish for browsing in the children s fiction section of your library I ve found there are gems there to be unearthed So why read this one Because it s also got good stuff Courage faithfulness redemption hope and love And not the flowery romantic sort of love This is the love as a verb kind of love The greater love hath no man than this kind of love And that s worth getting through the hard stuff for

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