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The Inconvenient Duchess

Christine Merrill ↠ 7 read & download The Inconvenient Duchess characters ´ 107 Dear Cici and FatherI have come to Devon and married a duke And I'm tired and hungry than I have ever been in my life Please let me come homeCompromised and. Speed review I loved thisThe I read of this the I was surprised this was published under a Harleuin line If you re expecting a sweet regency with a cliched misunderstanding for the plot you re in for a ride This is a dark sensual forceful read and I had a tremendously hard time putting it down The characters have secrets all of them and are so intertwined that at times you almost want to give the author thunderous applause at how deftly she wove this story together Miranda is a Lady born but raised in poverty She has known nothing but service since she was 10 years old She has callouses on her hands and has known backbreaking work Hardly the makings of a lady of the Ton She s been raised by her father a former Lord who wasted his life and money and a woman who through no fault of her own became a famous courtesan now also living in abject poverty In a daring move to save Miranda from the life they have been living her parents send her unchaperoned to the home of two notorious rakes brothers St John and Marcus Radwell Duke of Haughleigh hoping one of them will offer for her and save her reputation Some families are not loving however and while Miranda had known poverty but also love the brothers Radwell have only known jealousy and strife Raised by parents who hated each other the former Duke favored Marcus while his wife showed overt favoritism to St John which has caused decades of anger between them Marcus was fascinating to me At times you could see he wanted to feel love towards his mother and even towards St John but so much water under the bridge has made that impossible When he meets Miranda and understands what has transpired her being alone with his brother and himself he immediately offers for her He sees in her a kindred soul of sorts and cannot allow her to be ruined and cast off into a life servitude or worse Miranda s transition from housemaid to Duchess is not easy nor is the beginnings of their marriage They fight uite a bit and Marcus is cruel to her several times Miranda takes uite a bit from Marcus because she believes she should be grateful for the position she now holds But Marcus is not a tyrant He eventually has a come to Jesus moment and realized what he is doing and not doing and makes great effort to bring Miranda up into the world she should rightfully have been living all along Secrets lies family fights none of these can stay hidden for long and eventually they rear their ugly head but it only makes the story enthralling St John is NOT the misunderstood brother but I believe truly damaged inside Marcus is NOT the martyr he gives as good as he gets Miranda is NOT a Cinderella rising from the ashes with the help of a fairy godmother They are all three flawed human beings I m giving this story a 5 star even though there was a few formatting errors and even though I think one aspect of the story near the end was a little rushed Overall this was a book that kept me thinking about it when I wasn t able to read and when I was didn t allow me to put it down A dark hidden gem of the first order wrapped in a Harleuin bow Kudos Ms Merrill

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Christine Merrill ↠ 7 read & download The Inconvenient Duchess characters ´ 107 Dreams Yet every time she looked at dark brooding Marcus Radwell Duke of Haughleigh she felt inexplicably compelled and determined to make their marriage rea. Lady Meredith Grey shows up on Marcus Radwell Duke of Haughleigh s doorstep with a carpetbag full of secrets He marries her and then unintentionally leaves her at the mercy of his deplorable brother Then there s secrets and nonsense and it ends with tumultuous sex 1 Even though this was a touch overwrought it was entertaining I didn t loathe it I kind of flew through it 2 St John was straight creepin 3 But I think it says a lot that I don t remember anything about it even though I finished it just a few hours ago So there s that

Christine Merrill ↠ 7 read & download

Christine Merrill ↠ 7 read & download The Inconvenient Duchess characters ´ 107 Wedded on the same day Lady Miranda was fast finding married life not to her taste A decaying manor and a secretive husband were hardly the stuff of girlish. I got this free from Thanks to my mother I am a sucker for Harleuin books This one did not disappoint me Merrill did a great job in creating great characters Miranda the female lead was the best Usually the male lead is the favorite duh but she was such a great person Funny and strong she had what it took to take over a household At first I thought there were words being misspelled but then I recognized the author must be from the UK LOLI thought the story was creative It was a little new and I liked the differences that Merrill brought Overall this is a great book for a re read

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