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The Krzyzewskiville Tales (N/A)

summary The Krzyzewskiville Tales (N/A) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF In which Duke basketball players and coaches test a fan’s loyalty debate the rationality of tenting as a way of allocating students’ tickets and describe the spontaneous tent city that sprang up one summer when their beloved “Coach K” was offered a job elsewhere This storytelling competition creates a loving portrait of the complex rules and tribal customs that make up the rich community and loyal fans that are KrzyzewskivilleMickie Krzyzewski Coach K’s wife and a familiar courtside figure at Duke basketball games has contributed a foreword praising the “love commitment and ownership” of the citizens of Krzyzewskivill. Fun read but today s K ville residents have no idea how good they have it Now get off my lawn

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summary The Krzyzewskiville Tales (N/A) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Recent Duke University graduate Aaron Dinin has produced an entertaining imaginative look at Krzyzewskiville the tent city named after Duke University's head men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski Sha shef ski A uniue Duke tradition Krzyzewskiville is used to determine which students are admitted into key games Taking Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as his model Dinin has created characters who narrate their semifictionalized tales by turns reverent bawdy and humorous to enlighten readers about this cherished institutionSo the story begins On a wintry night in Durham North Carolina writes Dinin twelve students huddle under the. Smug overwrought and overwritten pretentious reworking of the Canterbury Tales into tales of K ville the tent city that grows outside Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University during basketball season My opinion may be shaped by my dislike for the school and my jealous response to a young Duke graduate having a book published on such a thin premise by the press of the university it lauds from beginning to end

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summary The Krzyzewskiville Tales (N/A) ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Meager protection of a nylon tent They have little in common except the sacrosanct tradition that has brought them together for the past month Before the sun next sets they will anoint themselves in blue and white paint and enter nearby Cameron Indoor Stadium to worship at the altar of Blue Devils basketball In the meantime they abide in KrzyzewskivilleA stranger enters the tent a respected sportswriter and suggests that the tenters pass the hours until the next tent check by telling stories of Krzyzewskiville Like Chaucer’s pilgrims the students compete to tell the best tale They report on ribald tenting exploits relate a dream. Aaron does a really good job of capturing the college experience I would think this would be really enjoyable for Duke alumni

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  • The Krzyzewskiville Tales (N/A)
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  • 04 August 2018
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