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  • The Modern RPG IV Language
  • By Robert Cozzi
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  • 03 April 2019
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 The Modern RPG IV Language

The Modern RPG IV Language Read ô 102 Code Add to that XML CGI and subprocedure information and you have a book that no modern RPG programmer can be withoutEven with all the new material the basic concept of the book remains the same As with previous editions The Modern RPG IV Language 4th Edition takes you through RPG IV from its foundation to its most advanced techniues At the core of this book are its chapters on built in functions and op codes In these chapters Cozzi details each built in function and op code with syntax tables that give you all the information you need at a glance plus examples to help you as you codeThis is much than just a book on rules however Bob includes than 400 charts and tables to show how those rules apply and provides than 500 real life code examples of functions and operations Youll turn to this book again and again as you program in RPG IV It is the uintessential reference for every RPG programmerWhat's New in This Edition Free format syntax including a. When I got my first job as an RPG programmer never having worked on the iSeries before I bought this book thinking that it would get me up to speed was I ever wrong What a mess of a book a lot of it seems like it was copied directly from the IBM website and re worded some of the API docs are wrong which I discovered later After reading this book you might feel like an idiot cause you didn t understand any of it The author assumed that everyone already knew RPG III which in itself is even weird that RPG IV

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The Modern RPG IV Language Read ô 102 N entire chapter focused on this highly popular subject Free format examples throughout the book Expandedinformation on subprocedures XML support including new BIFs and opcodes Web programming with RPG including CGI APIs and URL encoding Updated and revised content throughout the book to cover i5OS V5R4Within the pages of this book you will find The basics of RPG IV including data types indicators constants and directives Detail on all of the specification types A complete discussion of expressions and how they should be used Every built in function Every op code Options for organizing your program with source files modules and storage A discussion on modern operation code optimization An explanation of structured programming and how to apply it effectively in RPG Instructions on how to code inter module communications Everything you need to know about procedures An entire chapter on the alternate syntax options now availablemost notably Free Format. saved my butt for over 25 years This volume is for programmers who have a working knowledge of the language Examples are excellent and reliable Expensive outrageous but highly recommended

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The Modern RPG IV Language Read ô 102 Cozzi on everything RPG What could you wantIn this fourth edition of The Modern RPG IV Language internationally recognized RPG expert Bob Cozzi takes his classic best seller to a whole new level At close to 700 pages this edition covers all of the new functions and facilities available in V5R4 RPG IV while keeping the straightforward no nonsense style that has kept this book on the best seller list for almost 20 years This new edition is guaranteed to keep Bob Cozzi as the leading expert on RPG and his book the one turned to by countless developers worldwideThis new edition of The Modern RPG IV Language is packed with new information including new never before published information on coding free format RPG IV Chapter 12 delves into free format in detail as he discusses MOVE alternatives date and time conversions data structures and And to give you even exposure to free format he has converted many of the examples throughout the book to free format. I recently got back into an RPG programming job after being away from it for a few years This book has helped refamiliarize me with the language and has been well worth the money to me Much easier to use than the IBM manuals and easier to find information and answers uickly Well worth having if you re an RPG programmer