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Review The Non-Designers Design Book The Non-Designers Design Book Summary ¹ 7 So you have a great concept and all the fancy digital tools you could possibly reuire what's stopping you from creating beautiful pages Namely the training to pull all of these elements together into a cohesive design that effectively communicates your message Not to worry This book is the on. I read this book about a year ago and I m going to complain about it first and then rave about itComplaintsSome of the text inside is too faint it is actually uite difficult to readSome of her examples look uite unattractive even when they are finished RavesThis is a very clever book If you are visually hopeless like myself it talks you through what to look for in step by step no assumptions This is a book that explains both the four elements of visual design I ll get to that in a second and six groups of typographic fonts If you put together a newsletter or just want to have stuff you write read this is your first stopThe first thing to know is that you have to organise stuff on the page according to her rule of crap Contrast Repetition Alignment and Proximity She discusses these in reverse order to the mnemonic In summary group like things together line them up repeat elements and be bold in contrasting bold is always betterI only ever knew about two fonts and I knew you should only use two on a page and preferably one each from the big groups serif or sans serif such that if you are using body text that is one your heading should be the other Well that isn t true and she proves it There are six groups of fonts and they all have family relationships And like all design boldness is the key This is a terribly interesting part of the book and well worth the readI learnt much from this book and really enjoyed the read I ve always known there was something to good page design and had seen enough bad page design to know its value But without ever having been told the basics I could only assume that the difference between someone doing a good design and someone doing a bad one was or less something to do with the eye Now I know there are principles principles that can be broken but only with care It is a good thing to know that such principles exist She has written another book called A PC is not a typewriter which I also must read

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The Non-Designers Design Book

Review The Non-Designers Design Book The Non-Designers Design Book Summary ¹ 7 E place you can turn to find uick non intimidating excellent design help In The Non Designer's Design Book 2nd Edition best selling author Robin Williams turns her attention to the basic principles of good design and typography All you have to do is follow her clearly explained concepts and y. simple and easy to read about fundamental concepts

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Review The Non-Designers Design Book The Non-Designers Design Book Summary ¹ 7 Ou'll begin producing sophisticated professional and interesting pages immediately Humor infused jargon free prose interspersed with design exercises uizzes illustrations and dozens of examples make learning a snap which is just what audiences have come to expect from this best selling author. This is uite possibly the best graphic design book I have read The first part teaches you the four basic principles of design CRAP Or contrast repetition alignment and proximity It gives a clear overview of each concept and then provides examples of when it is working and when it is failing It also asks you to actively get involved not by pointing out all the errors but by asking you to look for them yourself Once the four basic principles have been detailed it moves on to an eually important part of design typefaceFirst the book teaches you how to recognize the major categories of typeface so you can avoid placing fonts that are too similar on the same page and so that you can effectively combine two typefaces with the maximum amount of contrastOf all the beginner design books I have read so far this one is the easiest to read and the presentation of the four basic principles is clearly written I used the knowledge and the exercises in this book to streamline the menu at work and after I submit my changes we will see if the knowledge provided was worthwhile enough for them to use my design over the layout they started with

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