Title : The Singer from Memphis (The Athenian Mysteries #6)
Format : ebook
Pages : 368 pages
Publisher : Gary Corby
ISBN : 9781616956691

A historical murder mystery adventure that stretches from Classical Athens to Egypt in the footsteps of the first historian Herodotus                                                                                                        Nicolaos the only private investigator in ancient Athens discovers that helping an author with his book research can be very dangerous The would be author Herodotus has hired Nico and his priestess wife Diotima to accompany him to Egypt to research that ancient country’s history Unfortunately Egypt happens to be in the throes of a rebellion against its overlords the Persian Empire Pirates infest the sea route Three different armies roam the Egyptian countryside The river is full of crocodiles Everywhere Nico turns there’s a secret agent ready to kill him and he can’t find a decent cup of wine anywhere A simple historical investigation turns into a dangerous adventure of international espionage From the Hardcover edition