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The Story of Jackson Haddock Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Filled with deception passion hurt broken hearts and even romance He encounters a handful of problems at such a young age that he isn’t sure whether he’ll even be able to see the next day because his life will only remain at stake the longer that Walker is alive But Jackson is a boy that doesn't like to lose doesn't like to fail and doesn't like to give. Shanora williams is an amazing autor she is new to this but she is worth reading I have read two of her books atrer she found me on anthor auhtours page and asked me to check out her page I did and I then asked if she had any books published She did and then I read Helena Zane That is a good book two if u haven t read it Anyways I actually got to read this book before it was relesed I won a give away by the author This book is of a romantic suspense It is a stoy of a young boy that loses his parents and he seeks revenge on the evil man who was behind it all He is a patient boy he waits and he plans but he doesnt plan on falling in love in the middle of this nightmare This book made me cry times than I can count It was sad and nerve racking form the start It kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finsih The end was expecially suspenseful I was actually lucky to be able to chat with the author as I read the ending It was awasome Shanora is so down to earth and she always comments back to anything her readers post She is a very humble person and you can tell from this book I enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone Pleae give her a chance you wont be dissapponinted She is worth readingI will be purchasing this book as soon as it is avail to add to my collection Thank you Shanora williams for a great book I feel in love with it

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The Story of Jackson Haddock Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Why After stumbling upon a letter from his father Jackson promises to find Cody Walker and kill him for the vengeance of his family and his own safety But as time carries life gets better and it isn’t until Belle Fulton comes into his life that he realizes that he can’t trust everyone not her or even the people around him The Story of Jackson Haddock is. The story of Jackson HaddockShanora WilliamsReviewed by S Bree High Well Hello Jackson Haddock nice to meet you sir Shanora Williams thanks for putting this man down on paper This was not my normal read but I was asked to read it by the author Thanks Shanora TRULY I am so glad that you did We meet Jackson under let us just say bad circumstances He has lost his family his family was everything to himHe is scarred and broken in my mind and he wants revenge As a matter of fact he made a promise to his father that he plans on fulfillingThe things that poor Jackson had to live thru and had to deal with were gut wrenching awful Cody Walker is a man that does not take no for an answer and he chooses to use violence and fear I cannot tell you much about the story here but wowza BAD BAD MANI really did not like this man in this book he made my skin crawl After Jackson loses his family he takes off and hides out He is trying to survive until he is found by Jessie and Kerrie Bennett They all have one thing in common And that would be Cody Walker I really liked the characters of Jessie and Kerrie I think the family that they created was nice and I really felt that they caredThis story has a bit of everything Deception passion broken hearts Jackson grows so much in this story I sometimes forgot that he was a young man nobody Should have this much bad in their life This book makes you realize that family is family and the family unit can be different and mean the same inside I really liked that about the bookThis book moved me and I really enjoyed it I shed a tear of two Awhh who s counting it was than that Shanora your book made me cry Add it to your read list today

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The Story of Jackson Haddock Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free What if your family was killed right before your very eyes Life for Jackson Haddock already wasn’t easy but when a man named Cody Walker interrupts his life things will only turn for the worst Walker kills Jackson’s family right on the spot Somehow Jackson escapes and after grieving from his loss he finds out what Cody Walker is about what he wanted and. She did it againI LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOKI m usually a paranormal or a fantasy reading freak but I can deal with a contemporary love and action novel like this one It was given to me as an early copy in exchange for a review The book alone was a nice read It proved so much and made me think alot about my life and how bad it would be if i were to lose my family I don t think i would be able to breath if i were to lose them but the book was amazing I loved the first book of the helena zane series so imagine how i feel about this one I feel too goo about it i loved jackson so much he was a lovely character with so much heart that made me swoon he was so sexy and i loved him cause he stood up for what he believed in which was his family and his friends i loved the way he was and im glad he didn t give up because if he had i would have been really upset with him there were times in the book where i actually did think that he was going to give up without some kind of fight but he kept his daddy s word and lived with it and it made him a better manthis story felt so real and it had so much emotion that i felt for him a lot i could really see through his eyes and when he cried i cried Jackson is a tough guy and i love when he s ready to fight for the poor people and defend for them there was one part where they showed up at donny s house and killed those men it was so thrilling and i was really sucked into it because i didnt know what was going to happen but i hated walker with a passion and he deserved what he got jackson was right when he said walker didnt need to live cause walker was a selfish jerk and he needed to be smackedbut all in all the author did a great job with this book and i hear that she s already started a new series and this book isn t even out yet ha I really cant wait for it now The new series looks and sounds like it s going to be good IYAYYYYY FOR JACKSON AND YAYY FOR SHANORA S TALENT IN THIS STORY jackson s story was written perfectly for him and it actually felt like he was talking kind of like a movie this book has movie potential and if it does make it im going to be all over that swooning and hoping that the actor that they choose for jackson is sexy habut good job shanora you did great with this and i highly recommendand sorry for the typos and grammar all i have right now is my ipad and its being funky with me but hey a review is a review