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free read × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Mitch Silver Mitch Silver ï 7 summary review The Bookworm Why did Hitler chose not to invade England when he had the chanceEurope 1940 It’s late summer and Belgium has been overrun by the German army Posing as a friar a British operative talks his way into the monastery at Villers devant Orval just before Nazi art thieves plan to sweep through the area and whisk everything of value back to Berlin But the ersatz man of the cloth is no thief Instead that night he adds an old leather Bible to the monastery’s library and then escapesLondon 2017 A construction worker operating a backhoe makes a grisly discovery a skeletal arm bone with a rusty. Lara Klimt a professor of Geopolitics is the bookworm Educated in the US she is fluent in English as well as Russian She has spent her summer break in the Russian State Military Archive the Osobyi Archiv in Moscow researching recordings and writings from the Fuhrerbunker for her book on the origins of the invasion by Germany during WWII However just as she heads back to University to start the teaching year she receives some recordings from a mysterious source that threatens to blow all she thought she knew about the German invasion in WWII out of the waterMitch Silver has woven two grand conspiracy plots into his novel One from the 1940s involving notable figures such as Churchill JFK Noel Coward and Ian Fleming and one in the present day cooked up by the Soviet and US leaders involving oil fields in Alaska How all this comes together is complicated and perhaps just a little too contrived While each conspiracy is an interesting story in its own right it s a lot to fit into one book and it just all felt a little rushed Perhaps also as a result of the book having to pack in so much plot and action the characters all felt a little underdeveloped Lara as the main character is the best developed but even then she remains shadowy Her twin brother Lev seemed likeable but didn t feature enough to feel that I got to know him and the other characters were not fleshed out at all I did enjoy the premise for the book imagining a plot cooked up in the US during WWII to divert Germany towards invading Russia rather than the UK I also enjoyed the historical background and the use of past and present notable characters and I particularly liked the idea of a book planted in the monastery during WWII to cahnge the course of hstory I also learnt about the role Conception Day plays in increasing the Russian population which I hadn t heard of before 35 With thanks to Netgalley the author and the publisher Pegasus Books for a copy of the book

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free read × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Mitch Silver Mitch Silver ï 7 summary review The Bookworm Handcuff attached to the wrist Was this the site as a BBC newsreader speculates of “a long forgotten prison uncharted on any map” One viewer knows better it’s all that remains of a courier who died in a V 2 rocket attack The woman who will put these two disparate events together and understand the looming tragedy she must hurry to prevent is Russian historian and former Soviet chess champion Larissa Mendelovg Klimt “Lara the Bookworm” to her friends She’s also experiencing some woeful marital troublesIn the course of this riveting thriller Lara will learn the significance of. I received a free hardback copy of The Bookworm from Goodreads for my honest review This book is a very interesting political thriller Laura and her twin brother Lev lead very interesting lives Although they live in very different places they both investigate conspiracy theories Lara A history professor in Russia has come across 6 dictaphone casettes that date back to WWII that she is trying to unravel Who can lara trust Lev who lives in Alaska is investigating a conspiracy theory in the Alaskan oil fields There are many twists plots threats and even murder You have to pay very close attention to the multiple story lines in this book but it made for an interesting read

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free read × eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Mitch Silver Mitch Silver ï 7 summary review The Bookworm Six musty Dictaphone cylinders recorded after D Day by Noel Coward actor playwright and secretly a British agent reporting directly to Winston Churchill She will understand precisely why that leather Bible scooped up by the Nazis and deposited on the desk of Adolf Hitler days before he planned to attack Britain played such a pivotal role in turning his guns to the East And she will discover the new secret pact negotiated by the nefarious Russian president and his newly elected American counterpart maverick and dealmaker and the evil it portendsOh and she’ll reconcile with her husband. 35 stars The Bookworm is Larissa Mendelova Klimt a Russian professor of geohistory who has been given that nickname by friends because she likes nothing better than spending hours digging through dusty wartime files in the archives looking for hidden gems among the captured Nazi documents for the book she is writingLara later learns that a bookworm Anobium punctatum is actually a furniture beetle whose ravenous larvae eat their way through the leaves of books and bindings and even bookshelves when they emerge from their eggs Lara is given six dusty cylinders of recordings by a mysterious young messenger and finds these recordings made in 1940 have testimony given by playwright Noel Coward about a hoax he and Anthony Blunt created involving a book a Bible that they hoped would be given to Hitler supposedly carrying an ancient prediction from Nostradamus written on the flyleaf that would cause Hitler to change his plans for attacking Great Britain The bookworm larvae and other tools of forgery would be a great aid in this hoax But who would benefit from this information coming to light now some seventy years later Is Lara being drawn into some Machiavellian political machinations of which she has no clue There are many threads to this suspenseful thriller than I will mention in this review including a state visit during the G20 summit from the current US president who seems to be involved in a plot of his own These threads do come together eventually but seem so confusing as they are unfolding the murkiness of motives in the political arena Just try to keep all that straight Who are the good guys who are the bad guys who benefits from the various plotsThe highlight of the book for me are the fascinating recordings supposedly made by Coward in which he drops the names of several well known people he was involved with at the time including a young JFK I have to say that I did not like the ending and would like to kick Lara in the seat of her pants for her choice or perhaps I should save the kick for the author HaThank you to NetGalley the publisher and author for providing me with an arc of this interesting and suspenseful new thriller

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