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Larry Harmon ↠ 0 summary review ✓ The Man Behind the Nose He most well known beloved clown of them all the precursor for every successful modern day harleuin to come from Ronald McDonald to Krusty A. YOUR RE GONNA DIE CLOWN Happy Gilmour ROTFL HA HA LOL Hilarious movieWith that said I hate clowns I find them repulsive unnatural and since glimpsing the motion picture adaptation of Stephen King s IT before starting the 2nd grade when I see a clown my movement slows to a limpin fearrrrBut no matter how unnatural their face paint and icky I find them and what lately Halloween seems to be to me icky and saturated in sugar and high fructose corn syrup I can t help but admire the story of Mr Larry Harmon a patriot an humanitarian a doctor of laughter who rightfully earned those 4 stars with his philanthropyPretty incredible story I m still amazed at how much his shtick caught on but what is important to me most is that I hear that voice in his story That same voice I hear in DragonLance novels when describing K

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Larry Harmon ↠ 0 summary review ✓ The Man Behind the Nose The Man Behind the Nose is the autobiography of the man who was Bozo For 50 years Larry Harmon was the face and the nose of Bozo the Clown t. I went into this with little to no expectation Surprisingly it was a pretty good book on Larry Bozo Harmon and his adventures as the iconic clownLike anyone I m familiar with Bozo but there were a lot of Hm I didn t know THAT moments throughout the course of reading it such as training with NASA in zero gravity running for President with assassination attempts and meeting cannibals A lot of the time the stories come off too sensational to be true but these are usually followed with some kind of photographic proof to dispel any doubts which was a good move on the publisher s part The story is told chronologically the fist half starting with Larry Harman before he became Bozo going from child to teen to young adult It s basically a series of events in which the lesson of hard work paying off seems to be the ce

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Larry Harmon ↠ 0 summary review ✓ The Man Behind the Nose Warm surprising and endlessly entertaining life story filled to the brim with “Assassins Astronauts Cannibals and Other Stupendous Tales?. Decent read decent summary of the man behind the nose I enjoyed reading some of his adventuresuick read

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