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  • The Matchmaker Meets Her Match
  • Jenny Jacobs
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  • 05 January 2017
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Summary The Matchmaker Meets Her Match

The Matchmaker Meets Her Match Free download à 9 Through a date let alone cherish each other forever She makes herself a promise if she can just get through her current client list in the next three months she’ll go on sabbatical And maybe never come backHer new client war veteran Jeremy Ford ends up being everything Rilka has come. In The Matchmaker Meets Her Match by Jenny Jacobs Rilka rp d inherited her current job and her last name from her grandmother She believes the last name her grandmother stole from an Hungarian ruling dynasty instead of coming by it like most people do by either inheriting or marrying into it Her job now well she was a securities analyst but after loosing her job and her boyfriend kicking her out by some miracle she inherited her grandmother s home and her matchmaking business Now five years later she is still working as a matchmaker and hating every minute of itAs she goes through interviews with clients to help to match them with either other clients she can t help think that she is part coach part psychiatrist and part matchmaker Read More

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The Matchmaker Meets Her Match Free download à 9 Rilka Árpád inherited her name and her job from her grandmother She doesn’t mind her name; it’s her job she can’t stand Working as a matchmaker has exposed her to all the downsides of human behavior – in her opinion it’s a wonder anyone can stand each other long enough to get. I really enjoyed this book I read the first chapter as it was excerpted after another book I was reading and was intrigued enough to buy the book The heroine Rilka has a uirky sense of humour and her thoughts are uite often in sharp contrast to her actions The hero Jeremy also came across as very realisticI will caution readers that this is not your typical category romance The romance between the hero and heroine is very subtle and almost takes a back seat to the storyline of Rilka tying to match all her current clients so she can go on sabbatical Also because there are so many secondary characters it would be ideal if the book was read in one sitting so you don t forget who s who I read it over several days and in very short segments of time but I managed to keep everyone straight for the most partThis is a fun light hearted read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different in the romance line

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The Matchmaker Meets Her Match Free download à 9 To expect and dislike about her work when he announces that he just wants to get laid At least he’s honestOr so she thinks It turns out that Jeremy wants a lot than a one night stand and he wants it from Rilka But the only way they can get to forever is if Rilka learns to trust her hea. Loved this book Never read a romance like it Jeremy the main character is a wounded vetbut unlike many books in the returned Vet trope Jeremy is significantly handicapped yes on the outside On the inside if one bothers to look he is fanfreakintastic a person of character determined witty self deprecating and sexy He meets his match Rilka who accepts him first as a client then as a friend and finallywell you get the picture Rilka s matter of fact unflinching acceptance of Jeremy was refreshing and inspiring The fun part of this book was trying to figure out what would happen with the clients Who gets with who and why I ve read a number of books by this author and enjoyed all of them for their witty irreverent tone but this one this one is phenomenal