Title : The New How Building Business Solutions through Collaborative Strategy
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 288 pages
Publisher : Nilofer Merchant
Language : English
ISBN : 9780596156251

What people are saying about The New HowHow are you going to get rid of your Air Sandwich if you don't even know what it is Provocative and practical at the same time Seth Godin author of Linchpin The New How is informative and provides exciting insights because the suggestions are practical and doable Merchant gets the new reality leadership fails not so much from flawed strategy as it does from failed processes of engagement from those responsible for implementing the strategy In high performing organizations everyone acts like a leader and they own the strategy and take actions to ensure its success If you care about making a difference read this book Barry Posner author of The Leadership Challenge Collaboration is a powerful competitive weapon this book shows you how to use it to win markets Mark Interrante VP Content Products Yahoo Inc In a world in which the pace of change is ever uickening collaboration not control is the route to a successful organization This book tells you how to make your organization collaborative And Nilofer Merchant's writing is a model of clarity Barry Schwartz author of The Paradox of Choice Why More Is Less Want to transform your organization into a collaborative enterprise Nilofer Merchant provides insightful and practical strategies in The New How Padmasree Warrior CTO Cisco Systems Inc Merchant's book is a practical guide for the journey from strategy to implementation The collaborative tools described here can help companies reach strategic success and avoid pitfalls along the way Tom Kelley General Manager IDEO and author of Ten Faces of InnovationOnce in a generation a book comes along that transforms the business landscape For today's business leaders The New How redefines the way companies create strategies and win new marketsManagement gurus have always said people matter But those same gurus still relegate strategy to an elite set of executives who focus on frameworks long presentations and hierarchical approaches Business strategy typically has been planned by corporate chiefs in annual meetings and then dictated to managers to carry out The New How turns that notion on its head After many years of working with Apple Adobe HP and many other companies Nilofer Merchant discovered the secret sauce the best way to create a winning strategy is to include employees at all levels helping to create strategy they not only believe in but are also euipped to implementIn The New How Nilofer shows today's corporate directors executives and managers how they can transform their traditional top down approach to strategy planning and execution into collaborative stratecution that has proven to be significantly effectiveEnhance performance and outcomes by deflating the air sandwich between executives in the boardroom and employeesRecognize that strategy and execution are thoroughly intertwinedUnderstand how successful strategy is founded in effective idea selection a pile of good ideas doesn't necessarily build good strategyCreate company strategy and link it to targeted execution using the practical models and techniues provided