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Thieves' Market Read & Download Ý 104 Free read È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï A.I. Bezzerides A.I. Bezzerides ï 4 Read & Download Trucker carrying produce to the packing houses of California's Central Valley Immigrant Nick Garcos like his father before him becomes an i. Holds up nicely albeit dated by how California has changed over the decades But the atmosphere of trucking and the produce market is tremendous with the sensation that disaster is always just a step away The low life aspects are still uite potentIf Frank Norris had been alive Thieves Market was published 47 years after his premature death he d have applauded

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Thieves' Market Read & Download Ý 104 Free read È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï A.I. Bezzerides A.I. Bezzerides ï 4 Read & Download Ndependent trucker soon landing in the brutal and crooked underworld of the produce markets of San Francisco Oakland Stockton and Los Angel. This was a decent book just decent I ordered this book on ebay after hearing Eddie Muller host of Noir Alley on TCM rave about it in his opening remarks to the movie Thieves Highway based on Bezzerides book I still haven t seen the movie I had trouble finding the book and paid up for a used paperback edition 35 The book starts out well enough setting up some interesting characters but it doesn t really deliver in the end Told from multiple points of view often switching seemingly paragraph to paragraph it did not seem particularly well written In some circles Bezzerides is hailed as a Steinbeck type writer While his subject matter here is worthy of Steinbeck Bezzerides does not deserve to be mentioned in the same conversation with the man who produced Grapes of Wrath At least the book wasn t very long

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Thieves' Market Read & Download Ý 104 Free read È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï A.I. Bezzerides A.I. Bezzerides ï 4 Read & Download A dark fast paced proletarian novel originally published in 1949 Thieves' Market was written out of the author's youthful experiences as a. Originally published in 1949 this dark novel describes the struggles of a second generation immigrant named Nick Garcos to improve his lot in life and the obstacles that stand in his way and in the way of so many others like him who are attempting to climb the economic ladder and grasp a slightly larger share of the American dreamThe book is set in post World War II California Nick s father dreamed of owning his own trucking business but died a long slow death from an illness beaten down by life and in particular by his wife Nick s mother who is one of the most unpleasant characters a reader is ever likely to encounter in a novelNick who worshiped his father and who hates his mother is determined to do better and to fulfill his father s dreams Through rather dubious means Nick acuires the money to purchase a used truck He hooks up with a veteran trucker named Ed who agrees to show Nick the ropes and using Nick s money they buy two truckloads of apples in the Central Valley which they hope to sell at the market in San Francisco In detailing their struggles to do so Bezzerides attempts to expose the dark side of American capitalism in the late 1940 s It seems impossible for an honest man to have a chance in this system and corrupt people of every stripe attempt to take advantage of Nick at virtually every turn Nick and Ed are hardly paragons of virtue themselves but the crooks that they encounter especially at the San Francisco market are villains of the first magnitude and Nick is the uintessential sheep being led to slaughterThis is a beautifully written book Bezzerides has a talent for description that draws the reader immediately into the setting One feels totally immersed in the atmospherics of the scenes that Bezzerides describes and there s the ring of truth in the descriptions of the hard scrabble lives of the characters that populate them Even the minor characters are very well drawnIf I have any complaint about the book it lies in the fact that there are no sympathetic characters for one to care about Nick the main protagonist has so many flaws of his own that it s really hard to root for him even as the system grinds him down Still this is a very good read which would make an excellent companion piece to Leonard Gardner s Fat City The books are set in roughly the same time and place and are populated by many of the same sorts of characters I like Fat City better mostly because there are appealing characters in it but Thieves Market is definitely a book to look for if this type of novel appeals to you

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