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ueen of a Rainy Country Poems Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Portrayed here from memories of the poet's earliest childhood and the ambiguities of marriage and love. Linda Pastan s poems are so deceptive and that is one of the things I love best about them Their surfaces are calm seemingly simple and the emotions underneath that calm are so complex powerful deep I keep being amazed by that juxtaposition over and over It s true Pastan s subjects someone else mentioned this are traditional ones but they re traditional for a reason because people care about them because they re universal and she writes about them with such honesty clarity

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ueen of a Rainy Country Poems Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook To the surprises that come with age always with a consciousness of what is happening in the larger worl. Another stellar collection of poetry by Pastan Although she dips into familiar territory alphabets Why the recurring use of alphabets she does break new ground by addressing old age September 11 and her childhood Her nature poems are pretty average but it is when she addresses paintings obscure news articles and the act of poetry itself that Pastan truly shines I especially enjoyed Poems for Sale For the Sake of the Poem Rereading Frost What We Are Capable Of and why are your poems so dark Go out and get your hands on some Linda Pastan poetry You will be delighted just as when a child sings through the alphabet song for the first time without adding or subtracting any letters Okay Linda You win The alphabet is pretty cool

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ueen of a Rainy Country Poems Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Linda Pastan writes the art that mattered was the life led fully stanza by swollen stanza That life is. The bookstore I browse through on Main Street of my small town is decent for it s size And though the poetry section takes up a good portion of it I still always find myself wanting MORE It s central Vermont so there are shelves of the New England poets the modern writers who are taught in these parts Very little of color or the world outside of our national borders Even worse though is a lack of representation of the rest of American poetry the blue collar middle class versifiers I m sure this is common in most bookstores And I know how lucky I am to have than a few shelves to peruse Nothing against the shops themselvesSo after weeks of browsing through the poetry offerings I was surprised to find Linda Pastan there between Garrison Keiller and Walt Whitman I read a couple of random poems all of which knocked my socks off Or rather the lyrical and emotional intensity of the poems I d read had me holding my breath for fear of disturbing the cocoon of the poetic worlds before they finished revealing themselves How could I not finish a poem that started In the walled gardenwhere my illusions growthe lilac watered blooms all winterand innocence grows like mosson the north side of every treeIn the Walled GardenThe images arose like ivy and the musical mythic voice pulled me into the secluded world of her imagination How could I not trust a poet who then Socratically answered the title uestion of Why Are Your Poems So Dark with a few of her own Isn t the moon dark toomost of the timeAnd doesn t the white page seem unfinishedLastly the clincher for me buying this book was Things I Didn t Know I Loved written after a poem by Nazim Hikmet Mostly for nostalgic reasons I guess I discovered Hikmet s poem in high school I can t recall which book it was anthologized in But it was one of those rare poems I needed to photocopy and stick in my back pocket wherever I went I probably have it with me still in a moldering box in the basement It doesn t matter The point is that poem fed me for so long at a time when I needed it Now in my hands was a book by someone who might have known what that meant or was like My reaction to reading ueen of a Rainy Country cover to cover was a mix of slight disappointment and satisfactionThere are a couple ways I read a poetry book straight through most likely as the author intended it or randomly usually fine for collections The random moment at the bookstore v the straight reading at home proved uite differentIn pieces this book contains small gems of insight into the compromises of living the average life of writing and leaving the past behind Collected the book tells of a woman with a lineage she s lost touch with meditating on the obligations of age and persistence of death As a whole Pastan writes about writing and looking back Instead of a collection of poetic momentsas I thought I might be getting I got a life reflected upon Disappointed yet satisfied as I might possibly find myself one day looking backAnd that is the other thing I see in this book a mirror of my future poetic life or one to model from There will be that looking back time in my life when it comes when all those trying times have been written and published when my voice has been heard and the need to call out has subdued After the awards and citations where will I be Perhaps living my life as a book already written I could be satisfied with Linda Pastan s version of poetics and passions all grown up This is either fact or prophecy my one life no than a spoolThought Upon Waking

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