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Unthinkable Tenderness Selected Poems Read & Download ½ 4 Juan Gelman is Argentina's leading poet but his work has been almost unknown in the United States until now In 2000 he received the Juan Rulfo Award one most important literary awards in the Spanish speaking world and in 2007 he received the Cervantes Prize the Spanish speaking world's top literary prize With this selection chosen and superbly translated by. I made pistachio apricot butter todayand wished you were heresome of youBut that s just me That cannot be a poem because it occurred to me while finishing another Juan Gelman who s not me although he used several pseudonymsI ve become uite taken with Juan Gelman his incredible personal story his poems his anger morphed into beauty and forgiveness I m less taken with this translator than I was with Hardie St Martin To Joan Lindgren s credit she provides many poems and it isn t that her translations are bad how would I know it s just of the poems common to both this volume and Dark Times Filled with Light I preferred those in the later volumeAn excerpt from St Martin s translation of Exergue the entirety may be seen here translation is something inhuman no language or face lets itself be translated you have to leave one beauty intact and supply another to go with it their lost unity lies aheadWhile Lindgren s translation readsto translate is inhuman no language or face allows itself to be translated we must leave this beauty intact and add yet another beauty to accompany it their lost unity lies aheadOr take St Martin s translation of The Prisonergazelle you re far away yet you re closer to my bones than even I am the world may think I m a free man yet each word from you is my mistress and though I may walk upright in everyone s eyes i am the prisoner of my loneliness for you without father or mother without water or bread i walk naked in the sun of your absence While in Lindgren s versiongazelle though you be distant you are nearer to my bones than I myself and though the world believe me a free man any word from your lips is my mistress and though I walk erect in the eyes of all I am prisoner of my loneliness for you fatherless motherless without bread or water naked in the sun of your distance It s not that they re so dramatically different it s that Lindgren s conformance to convention eg capitalization of I or a at the end of every line in the latter poems when Gelman apparently didn t that lends to her versions an element of distance renders them less intimate Then again I could be blowin smoke and just simply prefer St Martin s translation over Lindgren s and it s due merely to my own personal wierdnesses Hopefully you ll read one or another or both and decide for yourselvesIn any case the poem I most wanted to share is a long one so check it outChildrena child buries his hand in his fever and pulls out stars that he tosses into the air and nobody sees nor do I see them I see only a feverish child with his eyes closed who sees small pet animals passing through the sky grazing in his trembling I don t see these little animals I see the child who sees little animals and ask myself why this is happening today would something else happen yesterday would he pull out much painfrom his soul yesterday I know only that the child has a fever his soul is closed and he ll bury itin the ashes left when he burned up but is it so his soul buried in the ashes of himself a treeoutside the window is looking at the sun there is sun outside the window there is a tree in the street and now a child with his hand in his pants pocket comes down the street he is happy and pulls his hand from his pocket opens his hand and lets go the fevers that nobody sees nor do I see them I see only palm open to the light and he what does he see does he see the oxen that are pulling the sun what do I know I don t know what the boy with his hand in his pants pockets sees or the feverish child who sees the bones of the atlantic and the bones of all the oceans churning in his heart I see nothing know nothing not even the day I was born I know the date but I don t know the day I was born is that the day I die for the umpteenth time the day when all the dead come backto die again with me or I with them in this loveliest open light and what does the boy do with the light in the palm of his hand while the others work to make money outside of the light closed away from the light that cannot be seen without an inner light without a painful love within here they come now the letters you never wrote me son you who are so much born of this light your letters have those fevers of which I know nothing of which I will always know nothing your letters are like little birds that fly about with your uietness stars you tossed into the air that nobody sees I don t see them nor does this uncertain pain of mine you were thinking about a cleaner life than this one a life that could be washed clean hung out to dry in the sun of your kindness a life full of faces like journeys where are those faces those journeys life is naked like a sea without shores and cannot bring life back bring it to your crib nor carry it forward I am less real than the table where I eat I eat to be real like the tree outside the window now there s a boy standing by it he takes his hand from his pants pocket opens his palm to the light and thinks that death is death and no than that I liked this one a little less than my first Gelman experience but I liked it uite a lot and I hope you do as well 45 stars rounded down for that reason only This volume contains selections from 10 other volumes which I d very much like to acuire and read soon Letter to My Mother and Epilogue An Open Letter to My Grandson or Granddaughter are worth the price of admission at the time of his writing that open letter he didn t know whether the child of his murdered son was male of female Check Gelman out he s considered to be in the Nobel running Let me know if I m correct in my appreciation or a just a sentimental softie or both I can take itthe pistachio apricot butter is easy to make grind one cup of pistachios to a fine meal before adding two cups of chopped apricots and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice my suggestion pistachios salted AFTER the shelling and a scant very scant tablespoon of fresh lemon juice but hey that s just me

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Unthinkable Tenderness Selected Poems Read & Download ½ 4 Joan Lindgren Gelman's lush and visceral poetry comes alive for an English speaking readershipGelman is a stark witness to the brutality of power and his poems reflect his suffering at the hands of the Argentine military government his son daughter in law and grandchild were disappeared While political idealism infuses his writing he is not a servant of ideo. like so many of the world s finest non english writers argentine poet juan gelman isn t so well known outside of his home continent gelman however already a cervantes prize winner is regularly mentioned as an annual nobel contender early admirers and champions of his work included mario benedetti eduardo galeano ariel dorfman and julio cort zar gelman fled his native land in the mid 1970s following the onset of argentina s dirty war which cost the lives of both his son and his pregnant daughter in law as well as those of some ten to thirty thousand fellow argentiniansgelman s poetry thus is informed deeply by his political exile the fractured history of argentina the rich culture and vibrancy of the tango and his lost family friends and compatriots and all of the desaparecidos the poems in unthinkable tenderness span about a decade and a half of the now octogenarian s work gelman sometimes employed the use of heteronyms in his writing though nowhere near to the extent or depth as did fernando pessoa his poems are often sorrowful entangled as they are in the political crimes of the past courage disbelief redemption duality and identity are themes present throughout his work shaped as they the are by his experiences in the dirty war and in exile joan lindgren s translations at times read rather rigidly or academically the liveliness humanity and deep emotion of gelman s work seem dampened or somewhat constrained in this translation as compared to dark times filled with light rendered from the spanish by hardie st martin juan gelman is a major spanish language poet and unthinkable tenderness offers a glimpse however small into the scope and nature of his unforgettably compelling and resonant work unthinkable tenderness features forewords by both galeano and cort zar the former s being a short yet lyrical introduction to the argentine poet juan has committed the crime of marrying justice to beauty from such a dangerous and fertile embrace a general uneasiness must issue to read juan gelman with impunity is impossible keeping his distance from success an enemy in fact of notoriety this outlaw poet can only be uncomfortable in these times of forced neutrality when amnesia and contrition are applauded and the world confuses talent with public relations i believe that this voice voice of voices at once so delicate and so powerful sounds louder than any other in the present day poetry of the spanish languageon poetrya couple of things have to be said that nobody reads it much that those nobodies are few and far between that everyone s caught up in the world crisis andwith the business of putting food on the table and that s no small problem i rememberwhen my uncle juan died of hunger he used to sayno problem since he d forgotten how to eat anyway but the problems came later whenthere was no cash for the coffin and when finally the official truck came from the cityto take him away uncle juan turned into a bird the guys from the city looked at him with contempt complainingthey were always being given a hard time thatthey were men and men was what they buried and notbirds like uncle juan especiallysince unc was singing cheep cheep all the way to the municipal crematorium which to them seemed like a disrespect they didn t like one bit and when they slapped him to shut him up the cheep cheep was heard in the cab of the truck and even their ears rang with cheep cheep that s how uncle juan was always singing and he didn t see that death was any reason to stop singing he even went into the oven singing cheep cheep and some chirping rose up from his ashes for a while and the city guys stared at their gray shoes in shame butto get back to poetry poets are having a rough time of it these days nobody reads poetry much only a few nobodies the profession has lost its prestige it s getting harder every day for a poet to get a girl to fall in love with him to run for president to get credit at the grocery store to get some warrior to perform heroics to be sung orsome king to pay three pieces of gold per verse and no one knows if this is because we re running out of girls grocers warriors kings or just poets or the two things at once and there s no useracking your brains over the uestion the beautiful thing is knowing you can sing cheep cheepin the strangest of circumstances uncle juan after he died and now meso that you ll love me

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Unthinkable Tenderness Selected Poems Read & Download ½ 4 Logy Themes of family exile the tango Argentina and Gelman's Jewish heritage resonate throughout his poems works that celebrate life while confronting heartache and lossremembering their little bones when it rains the compañerosstomp on darknessset forth from deathwander the tender nightI hear their voices like living faces from Remembering Their Little Bon. Juan Gelman fled Argentina in 1975 to escape the dirty war Many of his friends and even his own son and pregnant daughter in law became victims of the government s exterminationsHis poetry is meditation of loss Very powerful and moving

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