Title : Veil of Miracles
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 250 pages
Publisher : Helen Barr

A baby girl is born by emergency caesarean at 28 weeks gestation Amid a haze of desperation and despair her mother was thrown into a frightening unfamiliar world Against all odds baby Chiara left hospital 101 days later after surviving a brain haemorrhage meningitis blood poisoning and lung disease She had a grim prognosis Chiara’s ill health continued and by age four she had suffered multiple health problems including several rounds of neurosurgery due to Hydrocephalus which was a conseuence of her brain haemorrhage as a young baby At seven years of age Chiara mentioned a strange dream she had which set in motion an extraordinary and at times inexplicable paranormal journey entwined with Mary MacKillop Her mother now convinced miracles really do happen offers her story as they have lived it in anticipation of providing consolation and support to others in their time of need