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Venus Burning Read & Download Î 4 I wanted you then I want you now I want you forever At twenty eight Ava Blackwood seems to have the ideal life Well at least on the surface Recently engaged to Seattle’s most loved congressman Michael Brenner they are two kids and a yellow Lab short of becoming the picture perfect family That is minus her haunted past and growing dissatisfaction with their relationship Things get complicated when she has a chance encounter with an old flame One that was never extingu. Enjoyed reading this book I was surprised at how Ava had this amazing dark humor but was so insecure about love It was right in front of her and everyone saw it but her It was a great too see when she was enlightened and how the blinders were removed and she was finally able to realize that not only does she deserve love but she deserves to be happy with William Great Read

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Venus Burning Read & Download Î 4 Ished Psychiatrist and best selling author William Debroux is one of the only people who know about Ava’s traumatic upbringing and has always understood her in a way no one else has Despite the six years that have passed without seeing one another her heart soars when she lays eyes on him again She suddenly finds herself longing for the blossoming romance they shared when she was just a silly college girl at NYU her mind rushing with memories of when she first wander. Wonderful storyI loved this story of Ava and William s long drawn out love The book is well written the story well thought out and told and the characters are wonderfully deep I hope to read by my this author

Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · H. Jewel Lohr

Venus Burning Read & Download Î 4 Ed into his office as a patient If she wasn’t already conflicted enough things get even strange when she finds out that her fiancé has recently befriended William As their lives start to become intertwined and William begins hinting that he intends on winning her back she begins to ask herselfIs my heart really behind this upcoming marriage Or was it already stolen in New York all those years agoWarning Contains explicit sexual content Recommended only for readers 1. What a incredibly interesting bookThough different from what I normally read I thought it was good Was glad for the way it has a happy ending

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