Title : Voyage of Rediscovery: A Cultural Odyssey through Polynesia
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 401 pages
Publisher : small-houses.ru
Language : English
ISBN : 0520080025

In the summer of 1985 a mostly Hawaiian crew set out aboard Hokule'a a reconstructed ancient double canoe to demonstrate what skeptics had steadfastly denied that their ancestors sailing in such canoes and navigating solely by reading stars ocean swells and other natural signs could intentionally have sailed across the Pacific exploring the vast oceanic realm of Polynesia and discovering and settling all its inhabitable islands Their round trip odyssey from Hawai'i to Aotearoa New Zealand across 12000 nautical miles dramatically refuted all theories declaring that―because of their unseaworthy canoes and inaccurate navigational methods―the ancient Polynesians could only have been pushed accidentally to their islands by the vagaries of wind and current Voyage of Rediscoveryis a vivid immensely readable account of this remarkable journey through the Pacific including tales of a curiosity attack by sperm whales and the crew's welcome to Aotearoa by Maori tribesmen who dubbed them their sixth tribe It describes how Hawaiian navigator Nainoa Thompson guided the canoe over thousands of miles of open ocean without compass sextant charts or any other navigational aids In so doing it documents the experimental voyaging approach developed by Ben Finney which has both transformed our ideas about Polynesian migration and voyaging and been embraced by present day Polynesians as a way to experience and celebrate their rich ancestral heritage as premier seafarersBy sailing in the wake of their ancestors the Hawaiians and other Polynesians who captained navigated and crewed Hokule'a made the journey described here a cultural as well as a scientific odyssey of exploration