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Free download Wild Life Kathy Fish ☆ 0 review Wild Life review µ 100 Wild Life is a collection thirty four 34 undomesticated flash fiction piecesKeep this book on your bedside table Dog ear it until all the pages are folded Read it in the bath teach it store it in your bag recite it on street corners When people stop to ask you what you are doing tell them that you are reading aloud from a collection by the best flash fiction writer in America. Honestly I m a little nonplussed with Flash Fiction Even when filled with scalpel sharp bits of description and haunting or resonant moments like these they seem to end uickly too really be felt Each flashes briefly and then is swallowed up by dark unconnected to the fragments before and after besides perhaps by a few thematic threads But then I tend to prefer novels over stories in most cases as well even within a single author s workAlso what exactly separates flash fiction from prose poetry Era and prevailing literary ideas They seem to overlap uite a bit in actual form At least with shorter flash fiction examples The ones that run longer than a page seem entirely like very short short stories but in come ways the bare suggestion of story in the shortest makes for the most intriguing uses of the form

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Free download Wild Life Kathy Fish ☆ 0 review Wild Life review µ 100 Linding light or otherwise in these stories so carefully built so wonderfully turned of phrase What Kathy does is expose us not to insight but to mystery She puts us in the middle of these worlds she’s made and says Look what I’ve seen And then when we do when we come to these stories’ ends we shudder with confusion and love” Joseph Young Author of Easter Rabbit and Na. This book is a gem No that s clich d though it s true The book is harder sharper stronger it s a weapon to help you tame the beasts that Kathy Fish has unleashed on the page Many of these beasts aren t animals at all they re human and that is what Fish does so very well humanity My favorite stories are near the end Spin The Bed and Tenderoni they re about the struggle to get close to one another Wild Life in Kathy Fish s magical world of very short stories is a very large world in which we live infinitely far away from one another but don t like it If at the end of the book you still feel as alone as you may have done before you started then the stories aren t to blame A wonderful collection of wisdom

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Free download Wild Life Kathy Fish ☆ 0 review Wild Life review µ 100 Amelia Gray Author of AMPM and Museum of The Weird“People often say the purpose of flash fiction is to shine a spotlight to illuminate to light up our lives a flash of insight This to me has always seemed a dull reason to do anything much less write or read flash fiction And I think Kathy Fish proves the point here in this book Who cares what she may teach us in flashes of b. You have to write flash fiction to know how damn good Kathy Fish is she makes it look so effortless But it takes a lot of skill to produce the little gems she writes This is a wonderful flash collection Loved the stories the depth and the originality and even the cover

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